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Pass through Hot Key

Good Afternoon! Does anyone know if I can switch on the Pass-through system at will without having to go through the setting page or heading towards the boundaries(Like pressing a Hot Key that switches on the Passthrough)?Thank you

Rayne23 by Level 3
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Sm64 on Oculus Quest

Anyone else think sm64 on the quest would be pretty cool, with the whole decompiled version of sm64 the game has been ported to multiple systems wii u, 3ds, dos, and Android. I think that something like what kaze did would be really cool on a standal...

Blender hand rig to Unity Oculus?

I have seen people asking about blender using oculus hands or just a recreation of its rig for custom hands. Not much on it being done, other than some sarcastic remarks that doesn't really help future devs. I have recreated the rig in blender along ...

Oculus Quest and Ivry on Steam

Hi...Tomorrow i will get my quest...I want to use it stand alone, and to play on my notebook (rtx2060) steam vr games...I have Ivry driver installed on my steam, that i used to play with my cellphone and cheap vrglasses...It´s better to uninstall Ivr...

Quest Needs A Power Warning

For the second time last night, despite checking frequently and saving more often that I normally do (due to a game recent repeated game crash), I lost nearly half an hour's worth of play in No Man's Sky when my Quest just shut itself down. I had a c...


先日までオキュラスリンクが使えていたのですが、正常に動作しなくなりました。リンクをオンにすると、画面が真っ暗になり、エラーメッセージ「オキュラスが正常に機能しません」がでます。ケーブルの接続テストを行うと「テストが開始できません」とメッセージがでます。USBは認識されているようです。 初期設定やケーブルも新しいものを使ったりしましたが駄目でした。本体が故障しているのでしょうか。まれに本体のケーブル端子側から、ジジとノイズの様な音もします。

please help me

so basically i got lent a rift s from a friend and it was all fine until i tried to pair my controllers from my quest back to my quest i have tried do oculus link and pairing them i have tried holding down the settings button and Y. it just wont work...

LLDB disconnects on breakpoint

Hello everyone, I am experiencing a problem in Android Studio debugging tool. Every time I place a break point in the C++ code and an application hits it, after about 10 seconds the application shuts down and lldb detaches without any error reporting...

Hand Guidance in VR

Hi Quest users,I hope it is ok to ask for participation in a hand guidance study here. I am a PhD student in HCI and am running a remote study on Oculus Quest. The study is about ways to guide your hands in a simple gesture imitation task and will ta...

Where can I get a Quest in the UK?

I have a Rift and a Go and my brother is desperate to get a Quest for his sons 13th birthday which is at the end of this month (September) but cant find a supplier with them in stock in the UK. Does anybody know of a supplier in the UK with stock.TIA...

Retro Gaming \ Emulation \ on the Quest

Ok so in another thread someone almost got me on a Retro Rant which i kind of managed to get out of but now its in my head and i need a release so i fIgured if anyone was playing any retro stuff on the Quest and had any pointers ?To start it off I tr...

Resolved! Reasonable Facebook Query

Ok so i am linked to my Facebook account ( no probs ) but the Wife has been getting pretty interested and wants to do her own thing.If she wants to use it can she connect to her Facebook account .. Oculus specifies a facebook account but if she wante...

Installing software

So I've been trying to download the oculus quest software for five hours now and I cannot do anything for it to work, I used all the command lines, I changed the compatibility I checked if I drives were set up right (they were), and I have well over ...

PREDICTIONS: "Facebook Connect"

Here are mine. I'm not saying these will necessarily *happen* at "Facebook Connect" [FC], but, at least, *announced* at FC ....1] "Quest 2" revealed.2] "MEDAL OF HONOR: Above & Beyond", "Lone Echo" & "STAR WARS: Squadrons" coming for either Quest or ...

When will the quest be available

Im planning on getting a oculus quest for chrismas and i checked the website and it says that the 64g ad 120g are unavailable. I want to know when it will be available again because im worried that i wont have time to get it