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lone echo 2

Bonjour, je suis prêt à acheter Lone Echo 2 est ce qu'il y a moyen de le passer en Français. Merci pour vos réponses.

First Steps program glitch

When I begin the First Steps Tutorial, i get as far as the "lets see what your hands can do" part, when you are to "press the button in front on you", BUT---there is NO button. The program goes no where from that point. I have seen this tutorial befo...

oculus link cable not working

I have the oculus link cable it was working fine up until a week ago, it does not connect at all, ive tried everything in restarting, disabling enabling drivers, reinstalling oculus , it does not give power anymore, the usb C on my motherboard works ...

Losing Tracking

I randomly lose tracking on my quest 2, even in well lit rooms, sitting or standing, even when in not moving. anybody else have this issue?

my left controller

My left controller always disconnects if i move it too fast. it makes it hard to play games like gorilla tag or creed rise to glory. no matter how many time i change the batterys the problem keeps happening. any ways to fix it?

Oculus Quest 2 menu appears too far away

Hello, I recently got an Oculus Quest 2 and I've played some games but at some point when I closed "The Room" (puzzle game), the main menu from the entry environment seems too far away. And before you say it, I've tried the old "turn it off, then on ...

Payment method don`t work

Hello, i cant buy anything in the store i tried 4 different credit cards and it says everytime that the payment method isnt available right now so can anyone help me pls?!?!

mafogga by Level 2
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Browser and games not loading

I will beat the living daylights out of my octopus quest 2 if it doesn’t load my lads games and internet … it says oooooos something went wrong , cannot load my profile for Facebook and doesn’t display the 5 digit code … basically I’ve ive a pair of ...

MA12LYC by Level 2
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Oculus link with cable. (Quest 2) Stuttering

Hello everyone, I mainly use quest with simulators, in particular AMS2.I have:w11i7-10700krtx 2080i connected the quest to the virtual link port, from which i have 2.9 gpbsIn the debug tool i cranked up till 350 mbps, without any issue. Basically tod...

dinofly by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 2 Having issues

So, I startup my quest 2 after a week with my dad. i come back and when I get on, all my apps are gone besides settings and help, I can't access explore, the browser, or oculus store. The Wi-Fi is fine. My account is fine. This all started Thursday n...

broken headset strap

broken headstrap,i had this headset well taken care of untill june and through the end of october and the headstrap broke and so it's might as well be junk i dunno what to do and my warrenty was jun 10so i have no ideas how to fix it or get it replac...

Oculus Store

Hey there Oculus! I have a small issue, don't know if you can fix it. I want to buy "Eleven table tennis" as a gift for my brother on the Quest 2 but It does not buy it; showing an error message and asking to try again later. I've also tried several ...

Player sharing

A feature should be added to the oculus like family sharing on steam. It would be quite useful and rather appreciated if oculus made it so u can share ur account apps with other accounts that aren’t on the same device,if this is already available ple...

Srna101 by Level 2
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I've been trying to get the HboMax to work on my Q2. Because they don't have App yet, I am trying to use it on the Occulus browser, and I'm able to log in but then I get an error message. I did contact HBOMax and unfortunately, they said they're not ...

Coffeh by Level 2
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Cast not working

Both my iphone and Quest 2 are set to the same wifi, I select cast on my quest and select my app from the menu and on my phone is says it is now casting but I see nothing. Anyway to fix this because it's a serious bummer that I can't play with my fam...

Oculus Quest 2 guardian floor bug.

Floor level in games with the oculus quest 2 is NOT correct and makes a huge problem in all games. I find I am about 10cm off from my real height (to tall) and makes gameplay not work in most games correctly. Beat saber notes appear too low and you h...

Airlink Problem

Iv'e been using Airlink with my Quest 2 for several weeks with no problems. Suddenly, I am getting frequent stutters making gameplay impossible. Happens with MSFS and Rift games as well. I have made no changes whatsoever to any other hardware setting...

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