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Spectator Mode for Quest2

Looking for any documentation on how to implement the spectator mode shown recently at a oculus event. Basically the feature is a separate camera casting to a phone or compatible device, that isn't what the user in the headset is seeing. I work in Un...

Oculus doesnt find servers

 It says Oculus cannot connect to Oculus servers, I do have an internet connection working thus I dont think it is the problem. I tried to restart the computer, also I tried to redownload from your website the software, but it seems impossible to mak...


Resolved! Game

Hi Im new to oculus and I was wondering when I buy a game in the oculus quest 2 and than I reset the quest and log into my account again, will my games still be there?

Cooling fan not working

I don't know why, but I was playing VRchat on my Oculus Quest with Oculus link and I took it off to go do something. Once I put the headset back on an error message popped up saying that my cooling fan wasn't working properly.

Oculus Quest 2 screen crashing

Sometimes when playing, the screen on my oculus quest 2 turns off (sound comes too) and the screen is crashed when turned on again.What it shows is either1. a dark gray screen with the loading icon working perfectly fine, though nothing happens and i...

Air link support

Does oculus air link have support with a mobile RTX 3060 ti graphics card? Cause when I load the app it says my graphics card is not compatible with the rifts software.

Right Lens blurry on right side

Hello, I have noticed that the right lens is blurry on the right half, particularly when looking at text. I have tried adjusting the headset IPD (despite knowing my exact IPD) as well as adjusting how the headset is placed on my head, no change to th...

Controller problems

I got problems with my controllers. I have been playing gorilla tag on my quest 2. And once my right controllers front button stopped working and my left controllers front button is working strange. But my left controllers tracking is lost and it's o...

KeKszHD by Level 2
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code pin

I have a problem with changing the pin code, where we write the original pin code, it always asks for the original pin code, I don't know the original pin code, so impossible to change without the original pin code , which I do not know. thanks a lot...

Oculus Quest 2 Charging problem

So my Oculus Quest 2 isn't charging, I played it until it's dead the other night so I thought nothing about it and put it on the charger, next morning I woke did some stuff came home to a non charge headset and it's still dead, I looked at the cables...

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Right hand of oculus quest 2

My right hand is stucking in the air and far away from me. I tried to change batteries and reset the device, and disconnected the hand and re-connect it again, I tried to turn off light where I play all these solutions were useless, so should I do!?d...