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won't take credit card

quest won't take my any credit card. I have tried 5 credit cards, different wifi, PayPal, resetting the device, tried everything oculus support suggested. Anyone with any suggestions?

skraunz by Level 2
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how to pair headset ?

i bought an oculus quest 2 the app says that the headset should show me a code all the headset shows me is how much battery is left ... then the headset turns off the headset is fully charged so it shows 100% then turns off can anyone help me plz ?

Some General Newbie Stuff

My Oculus Quest 2 arrived yesterday, and even after dabbling in PSVR off and on the last year or two... it's kinda blowing me away. Wireless headsets is how VR was meant to be and while people may not think it's perfect, the Quest 2 feels like it's i...

New Home Environments with Q2

I found three new Home environments were on my Q2. Bubbles which is a screen saver type environment where you are floating surrounded by bubbles. Desert Terrace which a large desert home with air balloons in the sky and a revolving ceiling fan. Ryoka...

Dance Central VR - Height is constantly off

Has anybody else played Dance Central VR? If so, is anybody else having a problem where everybody in the game is WAY too tall? Every time you start up the game, after a few loading screens, it asks you to calibrate your height by holding out one cont...

Disabling the night mode

Ok. I know the thinking behind Night Mode. That it is supposed to help with eyestrain by lowering the amount of blue light. But... In all honesty, I have it activated on my phone and it works fine. The effect is subtle and not too distracting. But on...

Store credit

I can not use my store credit as my standart payment method, i do not know why but i t just says that they cant do it.. Please help?

Accessing internet though wired pc hotspot

Hi there, I have been searching around this forum whiteout luck,Why I'm making a new thread.I am trying to access the internet on my oculus 2 though my pc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Setu...

Tandfe by Level 2
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Resolved! Does anyone have advice for me?

a few days ago my Quest 2 came in but every time I put it on my head starts to hurt because it's pressing too much on my forehead (it's not too tight, I checked).But when i try to adjust it on my face to a point that it sits comfortable, everything i...

Why hasn't my Quest 2 shipped yet?

I preordered mine on September 30th and still haven't received any shipping updates meanwhile some people who ordered theirs on launch already got theirs. If this normal or is mine just taking a while for some reason? I also preordered the elite head...

Payment for quest 2

Hi, I ordered oculus quest 2 on oct 13th. It said expected delivery is October 20th. I haven't had payment come out yet. Will payment come out a day or two before the 20th?

Stationary boundary size

Can we still not change the size of the stationery boundary circle?! I'm very tall and can't reach my arms out without the wall being hit and immersion ruined. How hard is it to let me make the circle bigger? This was one of the reasons I didn't like...

Quest 2 Accessories from Amazon

Hi peeps here's a couple of photo's of my quest 2 accessories , case and headband cushion .https://amzn.to/3iVhcmF $17/99 AUDhttps://amzn.to/2H7hqda $29.99 AUDBoth fit well , I will be putting the Oculus Elite strap on the other 1 purchased so will b...

I'm way too tall in Dance Central

I din't just appear as a very tall guy in a room full of regular people tall. I look more like very tall guy chaperoning an elementary school dance. The hight was perfect for the last four days. But tonight, I'm the Jolly Green Giant. And I can't see...

Oculus Link Cable Issues

Okay, the Oculus Quest 2 was released today. I set it all up, and I set the link cable up for steam. I set the default mic to the oculus mic, and the microphone does not pick my audio up in game, and i've restarted the system as recommended, and stil...

Software IPD For Oculus Quest 2

Dear Facebook,I saw a lot of people and reviewers were complaining about 3 options IPD adjustment you have put on the oculus quest 2. I can see the reasoning behind this. You had to use a single LCD panel and a 3 options IPD adjustment to lower the c...

q75w53 by Level 2
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3rd party link doesnt work

I have a USB 3.0 and a USB- C, so I plug it in to my gforce nvidia 3600 pc, and nothing pops up. And sometimes a small screen pops up, and it disappears. I need help with the 3rd party link I got.

My games don't appear

Hi I have a Oculus rift cv1 I bought quite a few games on the Oculus store. I recently got my quest 2 and none of the games are showing up. I've reset my device and phone and I plugged in the quest2 to my pc. What am I doing wrong or is Oculus going ...

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