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Roomscale Boundary Error

Been having an error with my roomscale boundary where I can't make one. Every time I press continue after drawing out my boundary it switches to stationary boundary for some reason. Can somebody help me?

Oculus Quest Distortion

On my 2nd day of ownership, I noticed significant distortion of the image occurring when rotating my head. This occurs even in the main menu. Elements of the scene appear to warp and change dimensions as they move across the lenses. I spent some time...

Quest Link - Red X

Hi,I couldnt find any info about this. When you get a red X during the setup, is it a cable issue? Or a "not enough power" issue? I tried 4 different cable types (not the anker), and all give me a red X when trying to setup the quest.CheersJhaquo

jhaquo by Level 2
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64gb quest stock in Australia

I have noticed that a lot of places have been getting there stock but Australia hasn't been stocked I a while could you please stock up 64gb oculus quest for Australia when you can because of what's been happening in the world

Nokieo by Level 2
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Will my PC work with link for quest?

My specs:CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7130U CPU @ 2.70GHZRAM - 8GBGPU - Intel(R) HD Graphics 620/ GPU Memory - 4GBUSB - SS 3.0 USB PortI heard that the quest is good if you don't have a PC, but I need a PC to play ROBLOX VR.As the quest is optimized fo...

Headset buttons doesn't work

My headset volume and power buttons doesn't work anymore. The quest is turned off and it doesn't show it is charging when I try to charge it. I can't even factory reset at this point. Does someone know what can I do?

RoeeSka by Level 2
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Echo arena combat?

Yeah just a few questions on the combat game mode will that be coming at full release and an update or is it too much for the quest to handlejust wondering look super fun on pc.

Oculus Link Taking forever to connect

I don't really know if this happens but whenever I press enable oculus link it just keeps showing the loading logo for a long time. I know it works because it says my connection is stable. Am I supposed to just wait it out or am I missing something?

Anker powerbank

i got a Anker powerbank attached to my quest yet the quest whent from 100% to 89% in about 30 minutes? i thought the battery attached would supply all the power first ?

Bug chat vocal

Hey I am a french user of the oculus quest and i wanted to know if I was the only person who have a problem with the chat vocal. When I m in a group with my friend I can t hear him and he can t hear me. We tried to put another mic on the oculus quest...

When will my order ship?

I ordered a quest about a week ago 4/28/20 and my account still hasn’t been charged (besides the $1 to verify) anyone have a timeline on how long until it will ship and i will be charged? I hope it makes it for my birthday??