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Link vs Virtual desktop quality

I'm using a Quest2 with a usb3 link cable and a GTX 1070 GPU.The image quality I'm getting with a Link cable at 350mbps and x1.1 resolution is about 3 times worse then when I use VD at 150mbps.Also I'm getting a lot of aliasing with the Link and almo...

Questions before purchasing

I have a and fx(tm)-6300 six-course processor 3.50 ghz14gb of ramAnd a nvidia geforce gtx 1050 tiWould the quest 2 or rift be better for meAlso I want to connect it to my pc is there anything I would need to buy extra

Black & White for Oculus Quest

It would be awesome to resurrect an old title that was ahead of it's time and was practically meant for VR. Black and White was a god game, with a god pet. You ruled over the land you influence and teach your pet.. In the game, you are a hand. You ba...

in game controller drifts right.

I use my quest 2 to play games from sidequest, steam vr and of course oculus pc games. I've got it set up with virtual desktop for wireless gaming throughout my house. While attempting to set up controllers in steam vr I my have caused the drift whic...

Friend's link cable not working correctly

My friend just got a quest 2 and a link cable for it, however, it keeps disconnecting from his computer and saying that a problem occurred with the link. This only happens when he is prompted to allow his pc to access files, whether he presses allow ...

Sharing games on two seperate accounts?

Hi, I have the oculus quest for some time now but my sibling recently got one too and asking if I can share my games on his oculus. I was wondering is this possible? I heard from a source that he just needs to buy the game. I not sure since there is ...

Bun_Bun by Level 2
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OCULUS Purchase and Features NOT Working

Everything was working find just a few hours ago and now I cannot retrieve the store. I checked the Wifi which is said to be "connected." I turned it off to see if that works and it did not work. I tried entering the "Rec Room" it says I don't have p...

Oculus 2 Set up Issues

I been having issues with playing games after I purchased them. They would not appear in my library. Bought a game this evening and downloaded it but had issues with the download. Was told a reset on my headset may fix the issue. Well I did that and ...

Major boot up problem please help

I just got a new Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas and I did the setup and downloaded the updates and played it for a little while until it was almost dead. I plugged it in and a little later I went to go download Five Nights at Freddy's VR Help Wanted bu...

Buying games as a gift

Hi, there.I'm looking to buy a Quest 2 and some games for a Xmas present for my son.The Quest 2 will be set up with my son's FB account.When buying a game just now, can I just buy it as a gift for my own email address? My understanding is it's just a...

Steam help - please

Hello,How can I run Steam VR games on my Oculus Quest 2? Are there any step-by-step instructions? I'm trying to get Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades. I just got the VR for Christmas, today. Thank you

Can't download Quest 2 software. HELP!

So i recently got my Oculus quest 2 and i found out i can plug it into my pc to play pc games but it it wont let me download the needed software my computer has more then enough space and the internet is plenty fast my brother was able to download i...

5678cdo by Level 3
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Error when trying to install a game

When i install a game, it sends an approval message to my email. I click on the email to authorize the purchase, it brings me to the oculus site and i aprove the purchase. It then begins to load a new page but then says an extension is nlocking this ...

remotes are not working

I have followed step by step, but remotes are not pairing to the headset I think. They are paired to my phone, but do not show up on headset. Any advice? Really sad for my son that was looking forward to playing with it, but customer support says 48 ...

Quest 2 Star Wars Squadrons

So have tried to play the star wars squadrons in VR on Quest 2 and its super laggy and choppy. Tried to persevere thru a dogfight and couldnt even hit 1 enemy ship. Turns were dragging its so bad. Any ideas here.

cybrmstr by Level 2
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Jurassic World Aftermath view

So I just bought Jurrasic World Aftermath and noticed when I walk or run in game that the sides get all dark... Is there a way to fix this?? cause I can't play it like this.. It's giving me a headache and would be pretty terrible if that's how it was...

things that bother me

1) my tv thing isn't working...whenever i try to access it, it says something like "this app doesn't work" and the only option is to close it;2)i don't see any menus to access almost any of the games i've installed..i have access to 'more about your ...