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Quest 2 / Quest Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Bring Your Desk into VR We’ve added the ability to place a virtual desk on your real desk to use while you’re in VR. You can see and use this Desk in the Ocu...

Will not pair with phone. WHY?

I just got an oculus quest for Christmas and i cant even get past the first step which is to pair the quest. i have entered the correct code i have sent an email, tried different phones, reset everything, factory resent the quest. Someone please help...

How do I get credit back?

I bought 8 titles for my new Quest. Most I have not even opened yet (let alone no 2 hours on any) and it's under 14 days and I see a major SALE going on.How do I get credit for these titles? Seems illogical to REFUND all then rebuy (especially what i...

Rojoy by Level 2
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quest not turning off

while playing vader imortal.the screen went black. except a small red light in the upper right. I hear a buzzing noise coming from the headset.couldnt turn off the headset.found something online abour holding volume down and power at the same time.th...

Left controller won't work-oculus quest

Had the system for one day and now the controller doesn't work. This was a gift for a now very disappointed 11 yr old. Tried everything from changing out batteries, leaving the batteries out for over 3 mins, restarting headset, etc. The white light w...

Quest stuck on Power Off screen

I've had my Quest for about a week and today it went belly up on me. I was in the middle of a game when it said something about how it lost tracking, I didn't quite remember it all as within a few seconds the screen went off on me. Then when I remove...

Juhraf by Level 2
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Tracking help with CV1 sensors

Alright so i've got my old CV1 and quest now. And i just thought why didn't oculus let us track controllers with CV1 sensors aswell for better tracking when you play on oculus link? It doesn't sound that hard to be honest. Just let CV1 sensors also t...

grumber by Level 3
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New Oculus Quest Home Constant Crashing

I got my son a Quest for Christmas, as soon as we opened it to try it out the Home app is constantly crashing and restarting and sometimes giving an error of “oculus home has stopped”. Sometimes it stays open long enough to start a game. Only some ga...

For the love of God... Unify your stores!

I'm not buying the same game on the same platform... it's why I literally have not used my Quest since it released. I bought it expecting it to share the content I already had.... no...  Well why would I pay £18.99 for Superhot again? I already own ...

Problème beat saber

Bonjour à tous.J'ai un soucis avec beat Saber. je n'arrive pas à mettre à jour Beat saber ... je n'arrive pas non plus à le désinstaller ! Je voudrais savoir si je réinitialise mon quest comment récupérer la sauvegarde des jeux, si possible.Merci bea...

roupins by Level 2
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Controller movement

I just got my oculus quest today and I love it but there’s one thing that bugs me when I am in a game where I have to run somewhere or walk somewhere I have to select my location via the joystick then It walks me there I was wondering if there is a w...

Resolved! I have issues with casting my quest to my iphone

I don’t get something. My iPhone and quest is connected to the same network however I can’t cast it to my iPhone, why? When I go through the app, no notification comes up on the quest to accept cast and when I try to cast through the quest, my phone ...

shiniki by Level 2
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Quest questions...

My son got a quest for Christmas... and I have a few questions.... I have a Rift S and while I dont know much about the quest, I was hoping someone could answer them here. First.... in my rift S, when I go to home or my house, I can walk around and i...

Can’t play

My son got a Quest for Christmas gift and we are connected to WiFi (excellent signal) completes tutorial but cannot find or play game. We are in cabin looking room with menu. When try click Library, hear beep but nothing happens. Same with Store, hea...

Resolved! Are My Quest Lenses Defective?

Hi, New to this VR stuff in general but I recently picked up a Quest and I've noticed these concentric rings in the lenses of my eyepieces.Is this normal?, also, when the screen is "loading" or there is darkness there is a large dark blob on the uppe...