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Hey Facebook,Will you be offering a TRADE-IN for Quest 1? Some of us only just purchased and received this set after a long wait. Now a much better and cheaper version is coming out. In good faith, it's the right thing to do. - Thanks

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Oculus Quest and YouTube VR problems

YouTube VR was working on my Oculus Go but stopped opening apart from a window with a message stating "failed to open. please try again". Got a Quest now but having the same problems.Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and I've even done a factory re...

Animate Hand/fingers

Hello,I am building a colaborative app and I would like to sync the hands&fingers according to the state of them for both cases of controllers and hand detection (e.g. trigger is presssed - for controllers, and finger curl for hands).Looking at the O...

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Quest Link Graphics Card Recommendations

Hi,I've got an Oculus Quest which is an awesome bit of kit. But am looking to enhance it by making user of the link cable to attach to my PC. My PC is an i7-4770k with 24GB RAM but definitely need to update gpu and was considering a 1070.. Does anyon...

Changed Wifi Network Name, lost Quest??

Although the Oculus Quest had been working perfectly, the internet company had to come and fix my Wi-Fi because it was very slow all around (33mbps download 4 upload).The cable company installed a new modem and not only changed the name of my Wi-Fi n...

Quest 2 Oculus Link Bandwidth

Oculus just announced the new Quest 2 and its specs, but none has specified the Oculus Link Bandwidth, which it was 5Gbit for the Quest 1 if I remember correctly, but which one is for the Quest2, anyone has that info?

Quest 2 256GB SOLD OUT

As of today, the 256GB version is now "Notify Me" and the 64GB version has fallen back to October 19. Seems like there is plenty of demand. Of course they still have a month to make more, so hopefully everyone who wants one can get one.Edit: Also the...

Programming with Unity on a Macbook Air

I am currently in college pursuing a Bachelor's in Computer Science and I was thinking about taking a class on Virtual Reality as one of my Comp Sci electives because I have used VR in the past and really enjoy it (plus I kinda want an excuse to get ...

Resolved! How smart does my Smartphone need to be?

I'm thinking of getting a Quest 2, however, my android phone is a good few years old, and it's showing it's age a bit. Should I upgrade it to be sure I can install the app? I'm fine to do whatever, but I just don't know whether or not my current phon...