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Purchases won’t work

I just recently got my quest 2, and when I tried to buy a game it said “request not completed. We noticed something unusual and, for your security this request couldn’t be completed.” I know there’s nothing wrong with my card, because I use it for pu...

Upload error with no info

I'm trying to upload the app to the alpha channel, but I keep getting the same error no matter what changes I make.The error is this:ERROR: Sorry, we encountered a problem while processing the file you uploaded. Please try again later.Posting the log...

dsFury by Level 2
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Is this normal? (Glare) (Oculus quest)

Hello all.Some of you may have seen my previous post, but I have decided to make another since my question has slightly changed.When ever the center of my headset's vision is on a dark colour, a glare appears in the center of the headset vision that ...

Issue with Cloud Backup

There has been a long-standing issue with Cloud Backups. When I do a Cloud Backup, uninstall an app, and reinstall it — all in the same day — I get my save data back just fine, even when I did a factory reset in-between. But when I reinstall an app t...

TomSFox by Level 3
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Cannot buy handcontrol for Oculus Quest 2

Trying to replace a broken hand control for my son...The website(oculus.com) freezes when I try to buy a new right controller for Oculus Quest 2. Can't find it anywere else. Does anyone has a link to a store that sells it(Sweden)? Is the meta quest2 ...

store credit

i bought my quest 2 a long time ago, i did not know i was given 50$ credit at the start, so i did not get my credit, any way to get that credit?

TimB_VR by Level 2
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Store credit

I have £25 in store credit that I was going to use to buy Green hell vr but when I bought it it came from my bank instead so how do you make it take the money from the store credit?

Can I Watch 360 Videos from USB?

I want to get a Quest 2 for 360 video watching while on a stationary bike. I see some YouTube tutorials mentioning how, but then I see some posts mentioning Quest 2 doesn't support USB without a complicated workaround. Don't know which is current. I ...

Queesh by Level 2
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Read a book (pdf) on the beach

I recently got Quest 2 and I'm missing one feature: I would love to just lie on a beach and read a book (in PDF format). Does anyone know an app that can do this? For example: The South Balcony in the Bigscreen App would also be ok. Simply a place wh...

v42 now random crashes / VR ripping

I've not used my PC or VR few a couple of weeks. This morning I started the PC up and let it update everything: Windows Update, Nvida Drivers, Stream, MS Flight Sim (which for once didn't take forever!). I started Steam, MS Flight Sim and in my Quest...

Casting error

I have been trying to cast my screen to my android phone, and my PC, but every time I try, no matter what I do, I get an error on the headset saying "Because a new stream cast or capture started." I have no idea why, I don't know what I did, I hope s...

5 digit code - black screen issue

Is there a way to recover the oculus 5 digit pairing code without see it on screen? My quest is stuck with black screen issue and nothing that i did solve it (factory reset, hard reboot, everything). I reinstall the mobile App and wipe data because I...

how to use my quest 2 without facebook?

question in title. even found a youtube video saying you can link a facebook account and then ask support to unlink it so you can log in with your occulus account. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oxj8iZysUB0 but I don't wanna create/log in with a fac...


my brother changed lockless password to something that now he forgot so I can't get into the Oculus because the artist was a gift to me and it was set up to where it's someone else's email and it's locked because I can't go on to a new email or accou...

Two oculus quest 2 - sub account game sharing

Hi there, we just purchased two Quest 2 headsets and I have them set up with the same primary account on each. On the first headset, I set up subaccounts and games are being shared, but on the second headset, I set it up with the primary account and ...