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Does Quest have smart charging capability?

I purchased a 4 month old Quest last week for half price after Quest 2 announcement.Can I keep the Quest on the charger for extended periods of time when I am not playing it, without the penalty of battery degradation?Do I have to disconnect Quest fr...


So you can record videos and upload them to you computer using side quest, right, but why is there no option to use your microphone in the recording it just makes no sense, and its a software thing, the oculus quest has the ability to do it but yall ...

New Games or APPS

I know they list some new games coming...is there a site where we can suggest what we'd like? Like super hero games or Star Trek Games? i see them offered on other game sets....be cool to get them on Quest

espike1 by Level 2
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SocialStarter Error On Oculus Quest

Hello,I am attempting to build and launch the sample SocialStarter scene on my Oculus Quest and the app keeps crashing on launch, with the error below. I have followed the instructions in the README file (created an app in the developer portal, input...

attyran by Level 2
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oculus link stutter hands (Tracking)

Hi, I have a query, when I connect my quests to the pc through the oculus link cable, in games, the hands have a shaking movement (stutter), do you know what it could be? Before I had my cv1 and had no problems.i7 7700k16 GBrtx 2080

Oculus quest constantly freezing

While playing oculus quest link with friends after a period of time the game will freeze the display in the headset and the only way to go around is to completely reset the headset. I have the log file attached. Please help

Oculus Software "Restart Computer"

Everytime I install the Oculus Link Software and run the set up, after it installs, I get a message saying:"Restart ComputerSorry, we encountered an error during installation. Please restart your computer and try running Oculus Setup again. If you st...

snk74 by Level 2
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From Rift S to Quest 2 in Unity

Hello! I have started a big project with oculus rift s in unity. But as it seems it would be better to continue (when i will have it - after months) with Quest 2 and Link. Is this the same SDK? Can i continue my work with Rift S and then to change ju...

Oculus Link Incompatible GPU

Hello! I'm wondering if there's a way to trick the Oculus App into thinking you have a different GPU than the one i already have.A few things before you respond:1) I don't care how slow it will run. I just want it to run. It can give me 30 or 25 FPS ...

P3arTV by Level 3
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2020 NBA Finals

Oculus has been continuously advertised during the 2020 NBA finals, but I haven't found a way to view games on my Quest or with Oculus-Link to watch the games since the playoffs started. Is there a way to watch the NBA Finals in VR with Oculus Quest?

Resolved! When is the Quest coming to Dubai?

I live in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and there are no Oculus stores or places that sell the Quest. The main website for Oculus also does not ship to here (as of July 2020) so my only option is to order from amazon BUT the prices are extremely di...

Quest Halo Strap

I hope this isn't a violation, but I have been very frustrated trying to get my Quest to be comfortable. I 3D Printed a piece of plastic that sits on your head and you velcro it to the the quest to put more of the weight on your forehead, I printed a...

Built-in mic and Oculus Link

When using the Oculus Link, there seems to be a 50/50 chance that the Quest's built-in mic will not be detected and/or usable.The only fix for the mic not working seems to be disconnecting the Link cable or restarting the device until it works. This ...

Rolin_ by Level 4
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Quest 2 delivery date and payment

Ok, a few questions:1. I pre-ordered from the oculus page immediately when they opened during the beginning of FB Connect, so I'm going to assume I was at least one of the first 200 or so. However, I have yet to be charged by Paypal. I actually have ...

Game Purchases for the quest 2

With the Quest 2 release roughly 3 weeks from now which Games Or apps have people not only buying but recommending ?I've been keeping an eye on deals from reddit Oculusqueststore and my impatience for the Quest release has me impulse buying games lol...

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