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play and watch video

I was able to in the oculus link panel allow me to play in a desktop application while watching a video.The problem is that when I want to move the character in the game at the same time, the environment control functions of the oculus are activated,...

Retutux by Level 2
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Oculus Messenger Phonecalls

I was hoping that you could update the oculus friends chat to allow us to receive phone calls from Facebook messenger on a cellphone. I would love to be able to play games and have a call with someone that is not on oculus similar to oculus party.

openxr runtime switch

Hi, Saw this switch under the beta tab using the PC app. It forces SteamVR to use the Oculus runtime instead of Steam i guess. Anyway i switched it, but you can't set it back. The switch disabled itself after i set it.Is there anyway to set it back t...

Problems with air link conection

Hi, everything was fine, I was using oculus air link for a long time now all working perfectly and sudenly the PC says is not finding my oculus device and everytime I try to connect with air link it tries to do it but can´t, appear on the oculus air ...

Hizes by Level 2
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My oculus was working perfectly, then when i turned it on the other day, the apps and everything weren't working. If I press on library or anything it just loads for like 30 seconds and then it says "An error has occurred, please try again later". I ...

kabbeh by Level 2
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Controller issue

Every time I try to play a game using the joy stick on the left controller drifts while I play. If I hold it still the controller freaks out. How do I fix this or what is wrong with the controller??? Is there a replacement piece?

Games stuttering in headset but not in game

So Im trying to play Blade and sorcery. Bought it on steam. It was working fine but now its being weird. In the headset it starts stuttering or something when I move.But it doesnt show that on the game on my displayI thought I had a decent computer b...

Oculus Foam

Has anyone been getting anything other then skin irritation from the foam cover? I've recently played on my oculus quest 2 for a few hours and got a rash from it 

Resolution and texture size.

Hi,I got my quest 2 and have the following question: With the v23 updated after changing the resolution to the max on oculus is there any benefit/point of using sidequest and increasing the textures size?Will it improve the image quality or am I doin...

Guardian Floor Bug and other glitches

My guardian stopped working well today. Height of guardian floor starts moving when i'm moving upwards. It makes guardian bigger and it doesn't works where i would like to have my guardian wall. Second problem is that my menu started shuttering again...

xHyqn by Level 3
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How to hide Explore/Store, etc popup

I have the Oculus Quest. How can I hide the Explore/Store etc popup? I simply want to enjoy the home environment. It seems you can toggle off Sharing but not the others. Also, why can't we move around (teleport) in there. I am in the one with the koi...

Facebook account stolen

Lately I've read an article about retrieving facebook account through Oculus quest support. My Email address was stolen and phone number erased so I couldn't get back my account. Could you tell me guys what should I do ?

Oculus quest halo strap

I just purchased the Oculus Halo strap to replace the elite strap with battery which broke. My question is can I use the battery pack with the halo strap or is it no longer usable? Thanks!