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No Good RPGS??

Ok I have been itching for a really great immersive RPG VR experience. So far I have been greatly disappointed. Dont get me wrong, I love my oculus quest. I love Arizona sunshine, finished all of the Vader immortal series,my only complaint over that ...


Why?Why this update? I just write this comment in English because it looks like you didn't try the Spanish version (display menus with cut names or comments in English). I don't understand why u deleted all gyms and removed options like changing the ...

Corrupted Video File

I'm sorry if there are already discussions about this, I recorded a 4hr video file (1.5Gb) on the quest but It will not play on the internal media galley with a 0 second time stamp. I've seen lots of posts for when this happens when you transfer it t...

Advantages of USB 3 with Link?

After hearing that Oculus Link now supports USB 2 cables, I decided to make the switch from my Rift CV1. I've tried Link with a cheapo USB-C to USB-A cable + active USB 2 extender and for the most part it works, despite getting the Oculus app warning...

Bluetooth audio game lagging??

Hey guys, i have a question regarding bluetooth audio adapter.So when im playing steamvr or oculusvr via virtual desktop then the audio is mirrored, audio plays on headset and on tv for guests.Now here is my problem, when playing a quest game and usi...

DANNLER by Level 3
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Oculus Quest Link Black Screen

I recently purchased a PC that is VR capable and wanted to use the VR link. I purchased a 3rd party USB A to USB C cable because my PC does not have a USB C port. Whenever I plugged in my Quest, it would say that it was connected and that there were ...

First installation update

Today I set up the quest and I followed the app step by step up to the download step of the software.This still worked and now the software has been downloaded for 3 hours and I should wait, The glasses tell me I would receive a notification Get a ce...

Recording Broken!

When I record a video on the Oculus quest it doesn't show how long it is from the gallery. Then when i access the videos from my PC it says it is 00:00 mins long, even though it's 3 mins long! Is there any way I can resolve this?

Quest cant see my wireless network

I really hope someone can help me here. I am using the quest headset. In the wifi menu I can no longer see my router. It is very frustrating as it can see other peoples wireless networks. I also tried to setup a hotspot using my laptop and sharing th...

Oculus Quest+Link CPU requirements

Looking to get an enter computer for my son. I found something on Amazon, here are the specs. Does this look compatible . Intel Core i5-9400F 2.9GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB, 8GB DDR4, 240GB SSD, 1TB HDD, WiFi Ready & Win 10 Home

Bug of ovrgrabber in Unity

In Oculus Integration v19, OVRGrabbable has strange behavior.The Grabbable Object is out of hands. The white origin of axis in the following video is (0,0,0) in local space. Its snap_position and snap_orientation is enabled.

https://t.co/8ufci8Cfu4 p


Anonymous by Not applicable
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Problem with Guardian

When I confirm a roomscale drawing it reverts to a circle. This has only started happening today. I've cleared all Guardian data and started again but it does the same. If I choose stationary that works ok. If anyone could point me in the right direc...

mwb6 by Level 3
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Best Cable for Oculus Link

So I am looking for a cable that works well on the Oculus Link. Because so far, The Anker Cable I used that supported Oculus Link Is making oculus link freeze (I still dont know if its the problem of the cable cuz it was recommended alot of times) I ...

Bug: Storage menu hangs

Hello,I'm currently on update v.19 on my Quest and the following bug report is also observed on earlier versions, but I failed to report it until now. It appears that when I navigate to settings > storage menu, once I open the storage menu page, this...

Oculus Link Laptop Specs

Ok, I am still getting my head around the whole cpu's etc, as I've only ever done app development on OSX and my MacBook Pro were sufficient enough.After hours and hours of researching online for a laptop which compatibility meets oculus quest link re...

Cant power up

Hi,I just bought the device and i had follow the guide video but i cnt power up the device, when i plug in the USB cable and it show red.Mean this device need to charge till full before it can be turn on?