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Advice needed please Oculus Quest

Hello all,new to this and just seeking something general advice about which headset to buy my two boys. (14 and 12)Looking into it, it appears that the htc vive is a very good option. They both have PCs that could handle it. The other attractive opti...

Being forced to link facebook account

The night before last, I was enjoying a game of Star Trek Bridge Crew with a new acquaintance. We got along well and decided to add each other as friends. I went to add my new friend, as I had many times before, but found myself confronted by a messa...


I recently bought a oculus quest and got my order number and receipt but it won’t be shipped until February. Oculus has yet to charge me for the purchase and I was wondering when I will be charged

Oculus Link loading loop

Hey guys i'm havin a Problem trying to get Oculus Link working. The Oculus App on PC Shows connected, but on the quest it says "Enable Oculus Link (Beta)" if i say activate it throws me back to the Home Screen. After a couple of times the three dots ...

Oculus not recognizing my Quest

I was trying to set up Oculus Link but it won't recognize my Quest, Even though it's plugged in and my PC recognizes it. I've reset my pc and everything but it still won't work. I checked my specs and they meet the requirements. When I go in to my Qu...

Snuzly by Level 2
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Back Order Time

Just ordered this morning and it said "will ship by Dec. 30th". Anyone have recent feedback on how long it is actually taking? Hoping that is a conservative date and we have a shot at Christmas...Thanks

Resolved! Problem with Oculus app using Oculus Link

Hello, I've encountered a problem with the Oculus app using Oculus Link :when I plug the USB-C cable onto the Quest, my app alway restart, I've uninstalled and reinstalled three times my Oculus app, and it's not working Here a YouTube video showing ...

Left Oculus Touch problem

Hello,I have a problem with my left oculus touch. (The vr headset is 6 months old and never received a shock)The left controller no longer detects when I put my fingers on the X, Y key, joystick or the index trigger. (Without pressing them. For examp...

Controller Issue

Sooooo beyond angry! Spent $400 for the Oculus Quest for my 11 years big Christmas gift, played it for 15 minutes and the right controller just stopped working....basically during the demo! Tried the batteries, tried everything!

kerit75 by Level 2
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Not Working

Hi I hope someone can please help me. I bought my son a quest for Christmas. We seem to be having a problem with it. It has not worked since we took it out of the box. Once turned on the controller beams are very erratic and you cannot even steady th...

Resolved! Add a player

Ok I’m new to this how do I add another person so we can both play under the same headset but are own game. Does the other player have to have an oculus act and buy the games as well.

dodel65 by Level 2
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When I use Oculus Link, my game crashes.

I have been using Oculus Link to play "Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted" and have been experiencing game crashes after 2 to 3 minutes of gameplay. Every time I open the game, it lasts for less than 3 minutes before crashing. Is this a problem ...

Resolved! My quest Turns off by its self. Please help

I was playing beat saber and I took my headset off to give a family member a try. I took it back after they finished and then the screen was black when I put it back on. My family member never turned it off, and it didn’t need charging. It took about...

Problems with oculus link - AMD RX580

Hello everyone, I was having horrible lag when I first tried oculus link, then I updated my Radeon driver and BAM! Awesome. Steam VR went from 40 - 60 of 13.9 ms to being around 5 of 13.9 ms. Everything was buttery smooth, working sounds, no lag. The...

Oculus Quest Crackling Audio

Crackling/blown out sounding audio when very loud/bassy sounds happen, all games, videos too. It's not the speakers, it's the audio driver, as this happens when I plug in headphones as well. Happens with and without Oculus link. Any fixes? Is Oculus ...


I am having issues adding a debit card/credit card. Keeps saying payment error. Anyone know how to solve this problem?

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