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Tracking Issue

Hi, I have had my headset for about 22 days now, and about 2 days ago I started experiencing tracking issues, when my hands were by my side they somehow appeared above my headset in VR, I tried rebooting the headset, getting closer to lighting, even ...

Quest 2 can't access USB-Stick

I used an external USB-Stick to view pictures and videos on the quest 1, but it doesn't work on the Quest 2.I tried everything:- The gallery app is no longer available- Sideloaded Total Commander (USB Stick doesnt appear)- Tried every media player in...

oculus link problem

Hey Ich hab 2 Probleme 1 ich kann mein Mikro net richtig benutzen ich hab ein Lösung die nur solang ich es benutze klappt und nächstes mal muss ich es nochma machen und Problem 2 ist das ich bei kleiner Bewegung des kabel oculus link abricht das Prob...

Poor service

3 headsets since Xmas all broken poor service they say dont open a duplicate maybe they should respond quicker so people know the emails have been answered but after 4 days with no reply can see why people open new tickets

rayza69 by Level 2
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hotel wifi connection

Im staying in a hotel and they always have a popup portal through the web browser to enter your information to connect to the hotel wifi. At this hotel the portal pops up but wont load properly. ive tried 100 times. the web address comes up as client...

lukiee by Level 2
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Unable to connect to wifi

I have a new Oculus Quest 2 but it will not connect to wifi. Have tried everything from re-booting headset, factory re-set and re-starting wifi. All we get is a message saying ‘incorrect wifi name or credentials’.I am using the correct wifi password....

Can't pair with app?

Proper bollox this. I uninstalled app and then reinstalled. When it asks to enter the 5 digit code it fails to find the headset. Any pointers? Proper anti-climax I feel like throwing it out the window.

Link cable not working

Up until recently my link cable has been working fine. Now it says I'm connected, but the moment I try to actually connect to oculus link, it disconnects me and reconnects me, preventing me from actually doing anything, i've tried restarting my pc an...

bubcket by Level 2
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Resolved! Oculus link not connecting

Wasn't sure if anyone would have any suggestions, i get all green lights for connections but i try and open link and it just sends me to the main menu. Specs are:i5 2500k 4.4ghz16gb 1666mhzR9 390rx 8gb I know oculus dont currently support my series 3...

Downloading issue

I purchased and paid for 2 apps on the oculus app from my iPhone and they did not appear on my oculus Quest 2 system. WiFi was turned on and They are not transferred over. Did not appear or in Que or “downloading modes.

Where can I find REAL content?

I'm new to this Oculus 2 and I am not young. But all I see is a bunch of cartoonish **bleep** on the website that doesn't appeal to me at all. Can someone please tell me where I can find real VR experiences, meaning with real people, animals, etc.? S...

Motion sickness after update 25

Update 25 is a nightmare. I couldn't use it at all for a few days as it didn't except a boundary. I can use it now but it stutters sometimes. Biggest problem is that I get a bit motion sick from games I play for 2,5 years without any problem. Even wh...

OCULUS QUEST 1 broken left controler

Left controller is broken.In Korea, where I live, only controllers cannot be purchased because Quest 1 model has been discontinued.Please let me know if it's compatible with other models of controller.If there is no compatible model, please let me kn...

Washed out/faded colors

Sorry in advance for my english.two days ago i bought quest 2 but i'm disappointed. When I connect the VR to the PC, everything works as it should, but the picture quality? The colors are faded when I look at my full hd monitor (it's not even a gamin...


I didn't receive an email about my order after purchasing the elite strap. I did screenshot my order number just for this reason. Without the confirmation email I'm left in the dark and unaware if I am going to receive my order or what time it is com...

Mue_. by Level 2
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Tracking lost

my controller batteries were at 10% so i was going to switch them out for the first time since getting my quest 2 and i put batteries into it and they wont connect it keeps saying tracking lost and then cant find the controllers, so i got more batter...

Cody723 by Level 2
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