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Wired headphone

Just got the quest today and love it ... I wanted to try better sound so plugged my own wires headphones in , thing is the volume is even more quiet than the speakers built into the quest itself .. the volume is on full and these are not cheap headph...

Photographs of "Quest 2"

Reddit has photos of a prototype resembling the recent leaked renders.This should give us some additional insights into what is possibly coming in September https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/hx38px/is_this_a_new_oculus_quest/Imur source. https...

Image glitching

Hi,I tried to play VRbox and eleven today, but the image started jumping around / glitching. It won't stop doing it until I exit the game and go to home.Can anybody please help with this issue?Thank you

My controllers are bugging out

While I was playing big screen pressing my trigger buttons out of boredom my controllers started going everywhere it would stop if I didn't press the triggers at first I thought this was just a big screen thing but after I went into the home menu and...

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The Oculus Quest is becoming available for purchase again. PLEASE reinstall Oculus Videos again! All of us are not gamers. Me-like many, many others-just like watching MOVIES. Much preferably in 3D! Big Screen has had the same movies for THREE MONTHS...

New user Buying Product

So I am a new user buying the Oculus Quest so I live in new zealand on the store when I buy it does the currency convert to USD auto or is it going to charge me extra for the currency difference if you under stand me

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Hello, is there anyway how I can get calcflow to work on my oculus quest? It would really help me with my math grades.

How long until the Rift S delivery?

Hello, I just bought my rift s from the oculus store about 4 days ago on a Sunday and as I was checking it out, it estimated the delivery to be august 9. It hasn't shipped just yet and I was wondering if anyone knows if it'll actually take until augu...

Bruuko by Level 2
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Beat saber leaderboard

Hello everyone. I for some reason have a world record record on one of the beat saber songs and I don't know how it happend. I'm pretty sure it's an impossible record because everyone elses score is almost 100k less than mine.. I must've glitched the...

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Component exception error help!

hi there hoping someone can help out of no where I was disconnected from my game and sent to home screen with a component exception error popped up about 60+ pages have tried reset etc but problem persists is this a hardware or problem on oculus side...

Grxnt by Level 3
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Confused about which SDKs to be using now

Hi, I've been working on my VR game for a few months, I started out using the Unity/Oculus "design, develop, and deploy for VR" tutorial as a base and it's been pretty good for setting up teleporting, and grabbing things. So far, like the tutorial, I...

64 GB or 128 GB ???

I am still deciding which to buy whether be it the 64 gb or the 128 gb but im still in dilemma. I wanted to know if you are going to play a game and its connected to your PC via the oculus link, do you still need a big GB memory for the oculus headse...