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Oculus Link Incompatible GPU

Hello! I'm wondering if there's a way to trick the Oculus App into thinking you have a different GPU than the one i already have.A few things before you respond:1) I don't care how slow it will run. I just want it to run. It can give me 30 or 25 FPS ...

P3arTV by Level 2
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Messy Library

I am so disappointed that there is no way to remove uninstalled apps from My Library. I understand that I can just go to Installed apps but it seems that as sophisticated as this VR is, they could program a way to clean up My Library by allowing the ...

Dlm2000 by Level 2
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Quest 2 is slightly blurry or soft looking?

I just got the quest 2. My first time using VR. I was shocked that it was a little blurry, the words are clear and stuff/everything is set up right. I cant exactly explain it, but it's almost like the resolution is off? It quickly did not shock me as...

catime by Level 2
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Real VR Fishing Boundary

Hi, I’m trying to get through the tutorial for Real VR Fishing. When the tutorial starts I’m asked to move closer to the TV set but it is always outside of the boundary I draw regardless of the size boundary. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

pareto by Level 2
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Can't purchase anything

I'm trying to purchase a game or two, but not be able to.When I receive Confirm Purchase, I get a frame that says 'Content blocked, please contact admin'I purchased games in the past.What can I do?

Burning Skin where foam contacts.

Something must be in the foam that reacts to skin moisturizer. I was playing without problem. Then but a new skin moisturizer which I apply to my face after showering, now in under 60 seconds I can feel my forehead burning. Bright red skin usually be...

Resolved! Wifi can't obtain IP adress

When I turn on my vr it says that I don't have any wifi, but when I go to the wifi settings it says "obtaining IP adress" for around 5 minutes, but after that it says that it failed to configure it. This only happens to the main wifi and not to any o...

Spedizione meta quest 2 italia

Salve lunedì 25 sera ho ordinato un quest 2Il quale mi diceva che sarebbe arrivato mer 27. Oggi 27 luglio ancora nessuna informazione a riguardo, solo: "ordine effettuato" ed hanno cambiato la consegna prevista per il 28, non mi hanno ancora addebita...

Resolved! Can't activate game keys

Hello. I have key to the game Accounting+ but I can't activate the game because of "Execution of this query is blocked" Can you help me to activate my key?

roywin by Level 2
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I was wondering if u could please get help my oculus keeps cutting out and freezing every minute of two and sound keeps cutting out when it happens the screen flips upside down when i turn around I thought it was the cord so i bought a new one just t...

JARC17 by Level 2
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Advice needed on second headset

Not sure if there is a correct or best way to do this so any advice appreciated.Ok so i have bought a Quest 2 for the Mrs coming in the Morning.Is it better and easier to just add a device to my account through the app so we both have access to my ap...


DID YOU KNOW? Oculus as a company decided to STOP ALTOGETHER .... supporting the Rift and Rift S hardware..so... if you wanted to continue with support you had to buy quest. I went and bought the quest 2 ... Fired it up... and tried to log in.Not onl...