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How to add friend

so i have a friend in real life who got a quest 2 so i tried to add him but when i looked up his name in the search area it didnt appear do i need to find his in game name if so is that possible to do if i have their facebook account

Can't Install Game Updates BUG

Anyone run into an issue with the Quest 2 where my game updates just don't seem to download it will get to like 200B downloaded and stop on any game with an update, have checked for system software update and it says its up to date

lachosh by Level 2
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Changed my name

Hey I changed my username but after couple days still showing my old one. What do I do to fix this thanks? It shows new one here but in play it shows as old one I should add.

Oculus for Education

Greetings.I work in a middle school and we are thinking about getting around 35-40 standalone VR headsets mostly to enhance our curriculum. I do have a few questions I was hoping those here may be able to answer:A few months back, prior to Covid, we ...

Oculus Quest 2 ALVR help

I bought Quest 2 so I can play my PC games wirelessly. For now, I am using my mac book pro charging cable to play as it is login enough for my racing games. This is the link I used to try and setup ALVR: howtogeek.com/673724/how-to-play-steam-vr-game...

SKD007 by Level 2
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Oculus for Business vs. Consumer- Help!

My company is looking to begin implementing VR content for training and I need to recommend either the Oculus for Business or Consumer version. I know the different price points and pros/cons of each, but what I haven't gotten a straight answer about...

nritzau by Level 2
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Adobe Medium and GPU incompatibility

Hi! I was curious if adobe has any plans for releasing Medium for Quest 2Also my laptop has 1050Ti and Oculus software says that my GPU is incompatible with Rift system software. Yet there is support for GTX 970 ? How come? 1050 Ti is just as powerfu...

Algido by Level 2
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Quest 2 Link Cable Problem

When i connect my link cable to my headset everything seems fine. Both my computer and headset acknowledge the connection. However, when i click to use the link in the headset it goes blank and ports me back to the home screen again or it just says A...

PanWok by Level 2
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Oculus Link is crashing constantly

I use Oculus Link on my Quest since July of 2020 with the Anker cable of 3 meters. It worked fine up to here, but now, Oculus Link is crashing instantly when I want to use it. After many attempts, many uninstallations and reinstallations the Oculus P...

Pairing issue

I just received my new Oculus Quest 2 a few days ago and I set up the mobile app on my phone and when it went to pair my headset to the app it looked for it and found it and then told me to look in the headset and enter the five digit code but when I...

Quest 2 doesn't detect WiFi Network

Hi! I've tried to connect my Quest 2 to the WiFi but it doesn't appear on the list of avaiable WiFi networks. My router is HGW-2501GN-R2, it emits 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. I've also disabled all the repeaters at the house, because I've read online that they mi...

Oculus Quest not detecting computer

Hello all,I'm having difficulty setting up Oculus link with my laptop. The software appears to recognize the Quest and touch and attempts to connect but the quest its self does not connect back. During Link setup the Oculus PC software gives the gree...

cowie360 by Level 3
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Quest 1 vs Quest 2

Hello everyone,Can some of you please advise me of how the Quest 1 compares to the Quest 2 (from personal experience)? I had a Quest 1 and sold it, in anticipation of the Quest 2.My initial reasons for holding off on the Quest 2 are the lack of a ful...

Resolved! Using Quest 2 on a ship?

I work on a ship, and i brought my Quest 2 with thinking I'd be able to use it on board. Sadly IT seems I was mistaken as the tracking is ALL over the place when the ship moves with the waves. Is it possible that something is wrong, or is it maybe so...

Set up

I am having prob. Setting this up .won't accept password.andi can't get it to pair. Help bigdtazz@aol.com

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Video recording pixelated

Hey everyone! I would like to record videos on my Oculus Quest 2 but the videos end up pixelated. I managed to render them in 1080p format, but I can't get the bitrate higher for a smooth video...I tried Sidequest and using ADB commands as well!

Is this Desktop good enough?

Im looking to buy a new desktop and I found one that looks like it should do everything I want from it. Here are the Specs, just want to make sure it'll run my Quest 2 with no problems before I buy. I also play modded ARK: Survival Evolved and want t...

Apps not available in the Oculus store.

Hi. New to VR - have Oculus Quest 2 with cable to emulate Rift. I've found several apps that are advertised as being available on Oculus arent in the store. Netflix, Alcove, Youtube, some others. Am I missing something? As far as I know the store is ...

Fredrds by Level 2
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