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SUGGESTION - Update progress notification

I'm in the midst of update hell and from the look of the forums I am not alone with ver 29 issues.It occurs to me; I have the headset, an app on phone, and an app on my PC which can all see the headset.It would be GREAT if any, or all, of them could ...

TBwn by Level 4
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Oculus Quest 2

Hello, I just updated my Oculus Quest 2. I think it was successful. Now, I see a black screen with my Guardian. I feel like this is bad. My Oculus isn't fully charged yet either. Please, help me. I am nervous.

z157 by Level 2
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White stripe on boot up.

When I boot up my Quest 2 there's a white stripe through the logo and when I get to the home screen there's a spectrum of all the onscreen colours making the whole thing useless.

Lloyd_S by Level 2
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Hello , someone broke into my house and stole my ocules quest 2 , is there a way to track it? My e to check the facebook acounts that's are now logging, to compare with my product serial number ?


My games are not loading in, it stays on the 3 loading dots. Can someone please help me so my daughter can have her oculus 2 back.

Permissions and DLNA servers

Has anyone else had issues recently with gaining access to DLNA servers that they have set up? I have my PC set up to stream videos and use several of the VR video players like Devo and SkyBox as well as Pigasus to view the videos. Until just recentl...

Oculus software

Hey everyone, So i recently bought a quest 2 with the 16ft cable to use on pc when im home, I have a ryzen 5 3800x, 32 gb of 3200 mhz ram, 2060 GPU. I bought a brand new 240gb internal hard drive, formatted to ntfs and the software freezes on install...

I can’t go back to the pokerstars game

Yo question for you? In the setting someone told me to get the free chips push the 3 months option and it looks like it wouldn’t let me in for another 3 months. Can you help me get back on game? I don’t really want the free chips. I just don’t want t...

Abdykh by Level 2
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Oculus Pin

Hello, I'm having trouble with your system and I have a few complaints. Firstly, not having a reset password option for the oculus account if you are already logged into a facebook it rather troublesome, and no matter how many times I enter my facebo...

Quest 2 menu bug

I bought my quest 2 a few months ago and I was having fun, but none of my friend had a vr headset so I decided to buy a link cable, so I could play games that worked on pc and vr when it came I tried it and it wasn't working so well, so I tried air l...

Resolved! Airlink v29 crashing

So airlink has been working fine yesterday, and today when I tried to connect to airlink it would show the loading three dots for about 10 seconds, and then crash back to the quest 2 home screen, I tried uninstalling everything but nothing seems to w...

HootyVR by Level 3
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Airlink Not working

i have airlink connected to my pc and wifi but when i launch airlink from my oculus quest 2 headset it fades to a black screen then takes me back to the oculus quest 2 menu, can someone help me with this? (everything is up to date btw)

thojFam by Level 2
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MRC cannot save file to Quest2 headset

Hi Everyone, I'm having issue connecting OBS and MRC with Quest2 headset in Win10 (64)?I have no problem streaming headset to my iphone/ipad, but not to my PC. The MRC can search and detect the headset, after the calibration, it just wont save file t...