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Picture clarity and latency

Is oculus going to work on clarity of picture (information+encoding) with Link? Maybe if cable can't provide enough speed and amount of information there might be some backdoor ways to improve? Maybe send part of info through 5Ghz WIFI? Or maybe make...

grove21 by Level 4
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Oculus Quest game roadmap

Hey all,Is there a public roadmap on games that are coming in the next couple of months, weeks, etc? I can see a few coming when I navigate through "Apps&Games", but wanted to see a lot more ahead of the time.Thanks

Beat Saber

Hi my name is dave and i use beat saber on oculus quest and for some reason there is no way to fail a level no matter how many times i miss or i slice the wrong way. and it just takes away the entire challenge of the game.

Oculus Link with adapter doesn't work

Hello,I am trying to connect my oculus quest to my computer, but l don't have an USB-C entry on my computer so l'm using an USB-C to USB-A 3.0 adapter that I am putting into an USB-A entry on my computer. In the oculus app however it tells me the hel...

Very Upset

So, I sent my quest back to oculus on their request because I told them that I had some kind of burnt image on it. (I never took it outside, it had to be malfunction). So They received it on Jan 23rd and told me that z as brand new replacement would ...

Out of date integration assets

Hello, I am trying to make an oculus quest game for my human computer interaction class, but every video I find or tutorial has AvatarGrabLeft/right, and the new oculus integration does not have this in unity version 2019.3.0f6. I can't figure out ho...

Preliminary Quest Impressions and Questions

I just received my Quest in the mail yesterday evening and had an hour-ish to take it through it's paces. I have some impressions and questions following my limited time with and I was hoping to receive feedback (or maybe reassurance) from long-time ...

Doc_Ox by Level 2
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Random freezing on link

Hi,got my cable tonight but ran into a few problems,first one can’t get sound to come out the quest speakers only ? can hear in speakers but also comes out of my monitor speakers which is annoying my wife ! second fault I’ve had is random freeze ups ...

Skyrim VR

I'm seeing some great comments about an app called Skyrim VR. Any chance it's going to be available for the Quest?

A few questions for Link users

Hey guys! So, Link has been out for a while now. I'm sure some of you use it regularly, as long as it works (gotta love Beta tests, lol). I don't own a Quest yet, but I may buy one if Link proves good enough. So, I have a few questions for current Li...

Vader immortal

I bought the vader immortal bundle with the quest. I got the quest today and I cant find the redeem or something to download it. I just need help downloading it

Yzretro by Level 2
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3 white dots unlimited loading Oculus quest

When I plug my oculus quest in everything works perfectrly fine, just not the screen of the quest bcs there will appear 3 white dots and keep loading forever. my pc wil run the game good i can even see it on my pc that i am moving my hands and that l...

milo-vr by Level 3
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A plea to the Oculus team

First and for most I would like to congratulate you guys on all the hard work you’ve done! I would like to ask if you guys could bring Pavlov vr to the quest and some other shooting games or even Skyrim. You don’t have to do it but it would be very m...