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Looking for Wi-fi solutions

Hey strangers,Recently received Quest 2 as a Christmas present and it's cool, but I have an issue. It struggles to stay connected to Wi-Fi. I have 140+ Download/30+ Upload speed. Quest reads the networks connection as Excellent. However, the connecti...

Black screen then crashes after using link.

n my Oculus quest 2, I plug in my link go in settings click on the link, it's black, an error displays saying we cannot find this headset, and keeps doing this for 2 months! I don't want to give up on this, someone please help with this, and if you d...

Tsw20 by Level 2
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I'm having this issue with my quest 2 where its all blurry, yes I did adjust the strap I tried everything nothing seems to work? anyone that can help me?

alexaar by Level 2
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battery life maximization

hi all, I just got a Quest 2 and it's great. The only thing I wish was better is battery life. It discharges very very quickly and this is understandable given the device's performance and size. I haven't measured exactly but I think I used 75% of th...

davf76 by Level 3
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New games for Oculus Quest

My name is Anuraj Patel and I am very passionate about transport mostly Trains, Buses and Trams. I have been playing VR for 2 years almost. I purchased an Oculus Quest headset last year and I was hoping to ride some transport. The only game I noticed...

How to get link with PC working

I have an Oculus Quest 2 and want to connect it to my PC to play VR games via link. I have the right cable connecting USB3 to USB-C and it recognizes the Oculus and detects it BUT it doesn't detect the sensors (none are showing in the Oculus App on t...

General Device Problem and PC connection

So basically im trying to connect my quest 2 to my PC. The cable is connected, the app says my quests 2 is connected but will mostly say "General device problem". If that's not the problem then when my quests asks me if I want to allow the data or wh...

Quest 2 left controller desync

I was playing Beat Saber and the controller was working fine, during the same play session, I went to play Population One and the controller desynced. I thought that the battery was low so I took it out and put another in it and the sync got even wor...

Is this a lens problem for the oculus quest?

Every time i use the Oculus quest there's always a white glare that's center on the middle if you try to focus your view on that spot. it's also visible through my right and left view, like a smudge of that shape which is something like this..... (( ...

wootx2 by Level 0
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Bad pricing policy loses sales!

Noobie to oculus quest 2, bought an app, less than 48 hours later it was reduced by 30 percent... Would have bought loads more apps but now I won't pay full price for anything in case I get ripped off again... So many apps now have lost a sale...

ibanduk by Level 2
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Quest 2 charging while playing

I don't have battery packs yet but I plan to buy soon. Just want to share that the Samsung fast charger (for Note10+) will charge the Quest 2 while playing. Done this 4 times already. When I get the alert that my headset power is low, I plug in the h...

edkyam by Level 2
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