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Gear VR

I recently purchased a Quest and I see a few titles available from my Gear VR library. Is there a list of titles that are being considered for crossbuy similar to the Rift list?

Ricasso by Level 2
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Controllers locking in place

hey guys, I have been experiencing a weird glitch with my quest where my controllers will lock in place on my screen while playing multiplayer. They still function (triggers, buttons, etc.) but the only movement i can do is rotate them, has anyone el...

Deisim should be in Oculus Quest store

Hello from Spain. This game is translate to spanish and a lot of languages. The game is awesome. The gameplay is incredible. It's like a Sims game but with civilizations. It reminds me of the first Age of Empires. This game is in top 5 most download ...

How to claim free game

Hi just purchased oculus quest 128gb for my son but I see there is a free star wars game you can claim for how do you claim this this is for my son's Christmas so have not opened it yet

Allyok by Level 2
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Bluetooth Pairing

Tried pairing an HC-05 bluetooth module using the experimental options, the device was found but when you go to input the code no virtual keyboard comes up until you leave the code entering screen ... leaving me unable to finish the pairing.Second th...

Oculus pc app not updating

I am trying to use oculus link to play my quest, but my oculus app on my pc says it on version which i need it to be on version 1.43 or higher. Also it says my quest is the error but i dont think it is, i think it is just the app. I ha...

Games Prices

Hello,I am very happy with my oculus quest but I find the price of games overly expensive, you really have to review this.Many players in France complain, we can not put 40 euros in a game whose duration is 4 hours ... more there is no promo as on th...

quest won't cast to iPhone or iPad

I keep getting the message "the headset was not found nearby" i have been unable to connect it one time since owning the device the past week. I have google wifi router and don't know if its something to do with that but i have tried everything i kno...

Bought Quest - No Starwars game

I bought the Quest on black friday during the promotion of " buy our vr stuff and get free starwars games ". I did and I still don't automatically have it in my library under owned/not installed. I've powered it off, reset etcetc and it's still not s...


Hi, I bought dreadhalls a while back on my Samsung gear vr so it should be linked to my oculus account. I bought a quest a few weeks back and I can't see dreadhalls on there anywhere and it's asking me to purchase it again. Anyone else had this probl...

Phil294 by Level 2
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Roomscale / game control conflict.

As the title suggests, how would I handle the conflict between using touch controls to move the player, and the user walking around in roomscale?I have a camera as a child of a capsule that is moved with the touch controls, and if the player remains ...

Can't connect Oculus Link

I'm trying to connect my Quest to my computer, but it doesn't seem to want to work. I bought the Anker cable before it sold out, and connected it to my computer. However, the Rift app said to try a different USB port, and if that didn't work, the cor...

att1cu3 by Level 2
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Official link cable ?

Any news on this ? has there been no release date for this cable,I’ve got the 10ft cable for link but I’m not managing much room scale as it’s not long enough,also could do with the 90 degree angle end for the headset