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oculus link problems

Hey guys, I don't know why, but for some reason even though the Pc side of the link says that everything works and I get the enable link in my quest, I'm stuck on a black screen with three white dots and that's all I see in the quest, do I need to tu...

not getting in VR notifications?

My in VR notifications seem to not work at all. I've even reset to factory defaults and nada. No low battery warnings, no friend reqs notifications, no app install success messages.. DND is off, and all notifications are on. Any ideas?

Moto13k by Level 4
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Losing Tracking [17/4/2020]

So i booted up my quest today just to have a random play around as we do, but the most unusual thing keeps happening, every time i look to my left or right the quest loses all tracking and keeps asking me to set up another boundary, i last played a f...

Wheel and Hostas

Hey Folks, I was wondering if any one can give me any feedback about the Thrustmaster series of controllers. I was looking at the Warthog Hostas and T150 pro wheel or the Logitech Dual.motor feedback Wheel. Thanks in advance.

No library or store

We set everything up over the weekend and it was working fine. Tried using at a friends which didn't work, and now back home there is nothing displaying under the library or store. Can someone please give me insight what we can do to 'resolve' this?

How to switch back to Controllers

I have a project I'm working on that I started out for Hand tracking, but needing to use the controllers I decided to switch back to controller inputs. I can Play it in the editor using controllers, but when I build to the Quest, the app requires Han...

I need help to remove the glasses spacer

Hello. I was just setting up my oculus quest, and a family member wanted to try it. I put in the glasses spacer for him, and everything was fine. Later, though, I noticed that the glasses spacer was really distracting me, and annoying me. Does anybod...

Resolved! Oculus Link and color range

I've recently bought an Oculus Quest and I'm also owning a PSVR.I have the game Moss on Playstation and in Steam.As both devices uses OLED, there shouldn't be a huge difference in colors and brightness. But in real there is a really noticeable differ...

Oculus quest confirmation email

Ordered a quest on yesterday's restock and used a guest account on accident. It charged $1 to my card but not the full price, I'm assuming that will be charged after it ships but how long until I get a confirmation email usually? Just want to make su...

Turning off Quest using your app?

Is it possible to turn off your quest within the mobile app? I just realized I didn’t fully shutdown when I put it away in the box and I’m not home. Besides the battery draining, are there any other negative drawbacks from storing it away with it sti...

Issues with Steam VR

I'm playing Quest Link using my Razer Blade without issues while in my Oculus Library; however when I switch to Steam VR and playing Boneworks, I'm getting choppy frame rates, stuttering and then critical errors in Steam VR. I don't think I was havin...

gman713 by Level 4
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problem in oculus lenses

I have boought oculus quest less than month ago. after using it for 2.5 weeks I noticed that there is a fog on the lenses. First I thought I need to clean the lenses which I did but after a while I discovered that the fog is inside the lenses. Now I ...

No longer charges

Hi all! I’m hoping I can get some help here.I got the Quest from Best Buy in December and I would say I’ve only used it for maybe 40-50 hours but it no longer charges.It still had some battery life and the red light would come on but the battery just...

My PC cpu needs help,.

Gigabyte..Z370XP SLI / LGA 1151/motherboard Intel core i3-8100/Gigabyte, graphic card /AMD 4GB Radeon RX 560.Plus my new Oculus Quest, it's my son's I'm helping him, now I need just a little help from anyone, please?..What's the correct CPU and Graph...

TL56 by Level 2
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payment not going through!

so i swapped my payment from my US account to my Irish account as i am back here working, now i can't purchase app and i get error code ''error 1353048'' but if i use my US card it goes through, anyone else had similar issues?Marc

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus App on computer

The Oculus app on the computer is stuck on a screen that says update graphics card drivers. I updated all drivers and cannot restart the app because the back arrow is grayed out and cannot be clicked on. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, but ...

Is there a way to fix my controller?

My quest has been great, but my right controller seems to be frozen in place. It can track rotation and button presses, but not movement. I have had my fair share of chucking my controller across the room because I forgot to put the strap on, and it ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Is sideloading still okay?

First of all; I'm new here so please don't make fun of my not-knowing-anything fase, and I know this may be a stupid question but, is sideloading an okay thing to do?Like can you sideload games like pavlov etc? Could someone please help me out with t...