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Quest 2 freezing

I'm having serious trouble with my headset. I am barely able to use it because of this. My Quest 2 keeps freezing and becomes unresponsive for up to a minute every 1 - 30 seconds and it's really bad. It happens everywhere, even when I first start up ...

Oculus Link and Rift home

I have a quest 2 with oculus link. No issues running it at all. Once I log into the rift environment, I cannot load my home. Clicking on the home icon does not do anything. Oculus app on pc is up to date. I have uninstalled/re installed the app. I ca...


My oculus quest will not turn on it shows the symbol and then it turns off so technically it shows that weird circle thing and then Bam it’s all black and then I keep on trying and trying and keeps on doing that sometimes it will hold the symbol for ...

Youtube/Netflix while playing a game.

So, I was wondering, if I could watch movies on youtube or netflix while also using other apps on the Quest 2?Specifically, I need the video to be pinned to the screen while I'm doing other stuff in games.Is this possible within the Quest 2 features ...

honkVR by Level 2
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App Not Working

Hello everyone! So, whenever I try to start up Beatsaber, it will just take me back to the menu. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and restarting my Oculus and it still took me back to the menu. I don't why It keeps doing this. Pleas...

Pistol Whip crash

I bout Pistol Whip a few days ago through the app and just got around to playing it today. Maybe 5 seconds into loading, I black screen and kicked back to the dashboard. I thought maybe it was a bad install so I uninstalled, reinstalled but it didn’t...

3080 Mobile

The Oculus software says that my computer does not meet the minimum specifications.It is an Alienware m17 R4 with an RTX3080 16GB graphics card. One of the most powerful gaming laptops you can buy.I tried using graphics settings to tell the executabl...

Pass-through mode broken?

So, after the last update I noticed a few things with my Quest 1. First of all, the Desktop mode when using Oculus Link has been fixed, that's great! However the pass through camera mode appears to be broken. The double tap short cut doesn't work any...

Pixie40 by Level 10
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Phasmophobia should come to the quest

I think Phasmophobia would be a fun, enjoyable experience for the quest platform. The developers already wanna add it so why not let them? Ever since i got my quest I've always wanted to play phasmophobia because my pc friends have it and i would lik...

Broken input type c

  So this happened,after playing some time i went to charge my oculus,as i plugged the charger in it,oculus didnt showed that its charging,and started to get hot in the plug area,so i unplugged and wham,the middle of type c pins in headset were broke...

Gohin by Level 2
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Green Oculus Desktop App

My Desktop Oculus App has been green for a few weeks now. Any idea why that is? It's as if it's dropped to a 256 color palette and lets of colors have turned green where they shouldn't. I see green lines horizontal across the screen in some places. I...


firmware from 31 to 25

hi friends, I have been having problems with tracking since the 28th version of the firmware.I kept waiting until the 31st update, but still this problem does not go away. I live in Kazakhstan. and I would like to ask you to throw off a link to the 3...