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Resolved! Can't use Airlink or link with my Quest 2

Hello, around 10 months ago, I bought a Quest 2 with the Link cable, at the time, I set it up with my computer, and it worked perfectly. Since then, I haven't used my Quest 2 in a while. A few months ago, I re-tried setting my computer and my Quest 2...

How do I exit apps in Quest 2??

This sounds absurd, but I can't figure out how to exit apps on the Quest 2. I've tried all buttons on the controller and can't figure out how to do it. I keep having to restart just so i can get back to the home menu.Can anyone advise?

Casting from oculus app bug

When I start casting from the oculus app on iPhone it works. But if I stop casting from the app and then start again it doesn’t work anymore. It works only one time. Then when I reboot the quest 2 it works again one time.

Oculus deleted EVERYTHING

Oculus signed me out of my mobile app but not on the Oculus 2 itself. I was unable to login to my app because it said I need to use Facebook and once I logged into Facebook it said I need to log into my oculus account and the loop was endless. I ende...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest 2 Headphone port damaged

My left earphone recently stopped working unless I point my headphone cable in a specific direction. I have tried using multiple headphones but they all cut out the same way. I have tried both 2 and 3 ring audio jacks but I’m pretty confident that th...

uploading error

it says i can't upload my game cause it needs permission to record audio and i don't know how to keep the record audio and upload my game

Resolved! Quest 2 & WIFI

Hi,I haven't used my Quest for a few days but I had some time for gaming today. Suddenly the headset says that it's connected to our network but there is no internet connection. All other devices are connected and are currently online at home. Intern...

Annie.1 by Level 2
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Best Networking solution for 1v1

Hello All.I would be great if some of you could share his/her ideas of what would be a good solution for a multiplayer 1v1 game. Im thinking of using Mirror with peer to peer connections and PlayFab for matchmaking. Do you think this approach is comp...

My games won't launch

Okay, so yesterday my games were working just fine but, when i tried to play them today they didn’t launch. When I pressed to start a game in the library it started to load for a few seconds but then it I got thrown back to the home page. It later ap...

Distance controllers - sensors

Hi, I´m a developer trying to create a training app but i need to use one of the controllers, not as a hand but as an object quite separated from the sensors in the helmet. I´ve tried to set a wide boundary room but only managed to separate the contr...

Can't connect Airlink

Every time I want to use Airlink to play a game from Steam I get the same problem. The headset can't connect to my PC. The start button for Airlink is greyed out.Headset is connected to a Wifi6 AP with 4x4 MIMO with good connection. Computer is conne...

Physic4 by Level 2
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Golf + Support

I really enjoy the Golf + game, but I have support questions that I would like to ask the Developer. I cannot seem to find a phone number or any direct product Customer Service options. It's frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions?

BHJ26 by Level 3
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Can't Enable Developer Mode

I have a new Quest and am attempting to enable Developer mode. I have followed the guide lines published to setup a new organization - unfortunately when I toggle the developer mode which launched the Create Organization requirement in a web page. Af...

Noti0N by Level 3
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Where is my oculus quest 2

Today is the two month anniversary of when I was supposed to receive my oculus quest 2. All I get from customer service is very polite, but unhelpful runaround. I placed my order on May 10th, updated payment zip code on May 11th, expected delivery da...

Guardian height too short

I see there is a need to add a person's height into the Guardian calibration to accurately adjust the headset/eye height.Every time I set (what I believe to be) the guardian floor position at my feet, I still feel like kneeling on the virtual floor. ...

BrBarry by Level 2
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Resolved! Profile isn’t loading

This is a reoccurring issue with my quest 2, most of the time the profile is unable to load. I have tried multiple different ways to fix this but none have worked eg, resetting the internet and or logging it in and out, but it hasn’t worked. If anyon...

zexadz by Level 2
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cant add payment

hey i've have been trying to buy a few things and i found out that oculus removed my card and when i tried to put it back it send cant app payment method and then i tried my paypal also didnt work? any ideas why this is???

My oculus account doesn’t load

when I try to open games on my oculus it runs for a little then shuts off then when I go to my profile it says unable to load but my phone has my oculus account on it i really need help it’s been going on for a month

Quest 2 Controller

Why does a single replacement controller cost $150? The whole Quest 2 is only $300-$400! You mean to tell me, the whole cost of the quest 2 is in the controllers?