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Game freezes when trying to play on PC

I just got myself the recommended Cable from Anker and been excited to try it out.But I ran into an frustrating freeze that occures once I start up a Game or even in the Oculus Rift Home. It just suddenly freezes and I can't do anything about it besi...

Eye Tracking...

The Quest is amazing, but if it had eye tracking in combination with FOV it would be amazinger!!  I remember eye tracking being talked about some months ago concerning the Oculus Quest. My question is: Does Oculus, under Mark Zuckerberg, intend to f...

Link and Beat Saber

I have been frustrated at the weak haptics on the Quest in Beat Saber. Fired it up with the Link, and boom! I get the nice strong feedback.So, I think we can conclude that this is not a Touch version 2 issue, it is a Beat Saber port issue.


I have Gtx 1060 6gb And the link does not work for me and by search in the web I saw that Gtx 1060 does not support the beta version now.Does anyone know when I will be able to use the link?

RonEyal by Level 3
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Oculus Link Beta

Does anyone know how to get involved in the Oculus Link Beta? I've heard the beta can be done with just a USB 3.0 cable, but I can't find much new information on Link since it's announcement.

Void Racer on the Quest

Before my Quest arrived... I saw an advertisement for Void Racer and purchased it... I had not noticed it was for the Oculus Go... and by the time I did... it was a week later... so no refund. Now they say some Oculus Go games are compatible... so ho...

A couple questions...

I scanned through the forum a bit and noticed someone asking about why they were unable to disconnect the blue tooth to their phone; does the Quest require a connection to your phone to work? I thought it didn't need any outside peripheral.Does the Q...

New Experimental Features

I've updated to version 11 but still don't see the new experimental features like hiding apps, nor do I see anyway to enable/disable them. I only see the original bluetooth feature. Does anyone actually see more experiments and, if so, is there some ...

Vinoh by Level 5
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Oculus Quest Battery Life - What's Yours?

Prior to release a lot of talk about how long the Oculus Quest battery lasts from a full charge. I am wondering what people are getting. Obviously browsing the web uses less power than playing Robo Recall. Please post your thoughts remembering to inc...

Passthrough OD update 11

With the imminent release of oculus Link in software version 11, what are the chances of passthrough on demand coming with link as well?its been stated to release sometime this year.

CrixUK by Level 3
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how to connect my quest to my vr ready pc

hey, I want to play my steam VR and oculus rift exclusive games on my quest like storm land wirelessly 1. what is the best way to it2. what is the best way to do it free3. is there any way to play quest using pc in 90hz4. there is no 4 

RonEyal by Level 3
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Daily deal

Bonjour,Je trouve les jeux excessivement chers pour la durée de vie proposée... va t'il y avoir des "daily deal" comme sur le rift? un black friday pour les appli et les jeux?Cordialement

Easy Charging station

I am doing a project for school. The idea is a charging station that you set down your quest and controllers will start charging automatically.Survey:#1: Would you be interested in an easy charging station Yes (Y)No (N)Maybe (M)#2: Which is more of a...

Resolved! Sports Scramble question

Hi, I am aware that this may be a completely stupid question, but I can't seem to find a way to play tennis just in the normal tennis way. I mean the scramble stuff is a hoot, but occasionally I'd like just a normal game of tennis. I'm sure I"m proba...

Msbill1 by Level 2
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Portable wireless NAS for the Quest and Go.

Not sure where to post this, so if mods think it should go elsewhere, feel free to move.I've been working on a project, and was going to save posting it until I'd finished up, but I came across a few posts about people having issues with their NAS, a...

Spuzzum by Level 9
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