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So i have a Oculus Quest which has a Oculus PIN that neither my seller or me remember the pin. We tried to reset it but it just sends us to a Oculus error website. And when we try to change the pin, it needs the previous pin! So anyone, or oculus ple...

Quest 2 Elite Strap snapped on 1 side

I'm very careful when it comes to handling and cleaning my Oculus'. I have the Elite strap for my quest 2. While putting the Quest 2 on my head, I felt a snap on the right side (about in the middle). I removed the headset to see an unfortunate crack ...

New to Quest 2. Blurry?

Just got a Quest 2 after being recommended it by friends. Got to say I'm disappointed with how blurry it seems .I wear glasses and have tried no end of different positions for the headset but always seems blurred, especially the sides. The manufactur...

Help Playing Climbey Full Game On Quest 2

Morning,Hope everyone is well.I recently bought a Quest 2 and of course still own my original Rift.I am trying to sort it so that my son can play Climbey on the Quest 2, I purchased Virtual Desktop, turned on developer setting, downloaded Sidequest, ...

Slow tracking

When I connect my quest 2 via link it all goes fine, until the controllers start to have a good ammount of delay and it doesn't feel any smooth, it happens around 10-15 after I connect it and it's not a framrate problem, it stays at 90 hz, it's makin...

Facebook Acct Requirement

So I'm considering a Quest 2 but I've read a few horror stories about people getting locked out because of inactive facebook accounts.I have a facebook acct from many years ago but I don't use it and don't plan to. Does this mean I will be at risk of...

ColbeyC by Level 2
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Not VR ready?

If a PC is not "VR ready" but does meet all the minimum specs, can i still use the Quest 2 to run Rift games from the PC?

mikealj by Level 2
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Games Change To Black Screen

Hello....this is my first VR headset, so forgive me if this is something simple that I should already know...What would cause the screen to go black randomly during gameplay? This isn't something that I have a constant issue with, it's a specific sit...

JMB21 by Level 3
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Best prescription lens company?

I have a new Q2 and the image is OK, only OK. I wear glasses, although with minor correction. But the field of view is cropped with my frames, and it's overall uncomfortable to wear them with the headset. If I could get rid of the frames and the glas...

Quest 2 missing Library

I recently bought a quest 2. During its first use I bought two games, SuperHot and BeatSaber, both from the quest 2's headset store while not linked to my PC. After a short duration of playtime, I plugged the quest 2 into my pc to charge while I play...

Jh3tski by Level 2
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Two Quest 2s behave differently - why?

My friend has a 256gb Quest 2 and I have a 64gb one (I mention that because as far as I know that's the only difference between them).I appear in his friends list, which shows him what app I'm using, but he shows in my friends list and simply says 'o...

Non uniform backlight on Quest 2

I'm going to try my best at explaining this, so please bare with me! I want to know if this is considered normal or not.Like TV's there is a certain level of backlight variance (Dirty screen effect, I think it's called). On the right eye, particularl...