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Black screen on oculus quest

So I own a Quest headset and I was playing pc Vr after linking it ,but when I took off my headset for a little bit then when I put it back on my Vr's screen was black so I restarted it and it showed it load but it went back to the black screen, I the...

Oculus Quest Black screen

So I connected my oculus quest to my pc and was doing vr games through steam and all was well. I turned off my vr and pc and went to bed. When I woke up I realized I have what is called the black screen of death, and not only did this happen, it will...

Oculus link

For my oculus I was using oculus link for a couple of weeks then all of a sudden the screen is shaking when I use it.I tried to switch the usb and it still doesn’t work. Any help/ recommendations would be appreciated.

quest 2 bent audio jack

so basically im playing beat saber and i hit my audio jack like barely and the internal audio jack bent, I can only hear from the right ear, is there anyway I can get a replacement or get it fix at a store other that BestBuy or target?

Setting up AirLink

Welcome. How to set up an router to use AirLink? My internet connection is my phone connected through usb to my pc. My router is an TP-Link Archer AX1500 (1500Mb/s a/b/g/n/ac/ax).


I just purchased audioshield and it is a cool app, however, I am having trouble with uploading my music to the program. Can someone help me?

Oculus Browser Bluetooth Mouse right click

Is there a right click function within the Oculus Browser (or any other Virtual Desktop like app) that you can do with either the Logitech K830 Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard OR any other bluetooth mouse? I have tried working in the Oculus browser usin...

kgea by Level 3
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Black screen on quest 2 start up

Literally a day ago my quest 2 was working fine. I put it in charge for an hour and took it out then went to sleep. Next day I try to play on the quest 2 it is just a black screen when I turn it on. When I turn it on, the oculus logo pops up then thr...

Support Escalation?

I attached a second Oculus for my son to my account which bricked the ability to purchase apps. Specifically, it nixed existing payment types and any attempt to add a credit card or paypal account in the Oculus or via the webpage fails with an error....

Compatible bluetooth keyboards?

HiI am trying desperately to connect a bluetooth keyboard to the Quest.I have tried two different bluetooth keyboards and although both allow me to input the "pairing code", after that neither of them have worked.I have tried to use the keyboard on b...

Newbie questions

Hi all, I've just got my Oculus Quest 2 and have a few questions i'm struggling with if someone wouldn't mind helping me with please? Firstly, does charging the elite strap battery charge the headset as well? Or do I need to charge both the headset a...

So many questions

Firstly apologies I am new to vr and finding my way around it. It is brilliant and intuitive but I am stuck on a few things ( gulp.. tech)1. How the heck to I get it up on my tv ? Just bought a Samsung frame and want to cast it which should be and I ...

simonxa by Level 2
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Przeniesienie gry z aplikacji do googli

Witam. Pytam jako początkujący użytkownik gogli. Zakupiłem wczoraj gierkę z poziomu aplikacji na PC (BEAT SABER). Można ją uruchomić poprzez aplikację i po połączeniu linkiem z goglami, ale same gogle już nie widzą w bibliotece tej gry. Jak przenieść...

UI not responding

I just started up my quest for the first time in weeks and it said "UI not responding" I first tried to close it but then was stuck in a boot loop and then when I chose to wait nothing happened. Please help.