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We have beat saber and it goes to a black loading screen then backs out will not let me play the game what do we do. Alsothe tracking is almost constantly lost. Call ***-***-**** to help me please ryan Moderator Edit: Removed phone number.

Myst: goes black if you walk too far?

I play in a parking lot with a "room size guardian boundary" at maximum size square, I don’t know maybe it’s 25‘ x 25‘. When playing Myst, sometimes, within the guardian boundary, the screen just goes black as if I’m getting too far away from the gam...

How to watch a DVD on the Oculus Quest 2?

I am quite new to VR (like under 2 weeks), but have sorted out most things I felt I needed to know. However this eludes me: how can I watch a commercial DVD (mostly music/opera) on my Oculus Quest 2? I have bought Skybox (nice purchase) and have trie...

Oculus Desktop saved sign in

We have a shared PC but Oculus keeps our users logged in even after we close and re-open it. Is there a way to get the program to sign us out on closing? People keep forgetting about this and getting games on other peoples accounts.

Trouble connecting to SteamVR. Please help.

So all I'm trying to do is play this driving sim called "city car driving" that I just purchased today on steam. I am able to long into the Facebook account that I have linked up to my quest 2 on both my PC and phone. However, when trying to log into...

Quest 2 recording request

Is there any likelihood that the record function will be moved to the Dash? It’s a bit of a pain having to disconnect (Link or Airlink) from the PC to initiate a PCVR recording only to then have to reconnect to the PC game again? I’m impressed with i...

Air Link stuck on pairing

I connect my headset to my PC, I click on the Connect button and then nothing. It gets replaced by a Greyed-out Launch button that never activates, and the headset even starts lagging for about a minute. Cable link works fine. Tried rebooting everyth...

Oculus Quest 2 Sell questions

I have Oculus Quest 2 and i want to sell it, beacuse , My body reacts badly to VR. SoHow to unlink FB account?Someone is interested to buy, but he asked me for Serial numbers, what for? Please Help.

woda85 by Level 2
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My friend has some mic problems

So my friend can't hear me when in a party chat but I can hear him ,and in a game chat he can hear me but I can't hear him. He just got the new 128 gig headset and is haveing that problem right at the start so not the best way to start vr for the fir...

Right controller disconnects when swing

Hello, basically whenever I swing my right controller with any force at all my right hand/controller will essentially fly away and won’t respond properly. This has made most games unplayable for the most part. I’ve had my Quest 1 for months and only ...

GraphQL server responded with error 1353050

I tried to purchase a game using credit money and apply a coupon but i keep receiving this error: "GraphQL server responded with error 1353050: No se ha podido realizar el pago. Actualiza o cambia tu método de pago."Whats the problem? i cant use a co...

icoleto by Level 2
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Issue with Dash in Oculus Link

Hi,I have a big issue when using Oculus Link or Air Link. The Dash application works fine, I start a game and everything is working as expected.If I get back in the Dash menu from the game using the Oculus button (for instance to recenter the view), ...


My left controller's stick (Oculus Quest 2) keeps drifting to the side even though it's still, making it hard to play certain games correctly. I've seen a few places that a factory reset may work but I want to know if there is a method that doesn't i...

FB Hacked

My FB was hacked and they changed my pw, email and phone number. I have tried FB help and they are not very helpful. I dont want to start a new FB and lose my games on top of everything else. Please help

My Facebook got hacked

So my Facebook got hacked and I can’t access it because they changed the email and I made a new account on the app and it has not transferred to my headset but if I put the new account to my headset will it delete all the games??