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Hello, Are the controllers included with the googles or do I have to order them personally? ordered from the oculus site but i am not sure that is the full complet. Have a good day ::smile:

Bomoo by Level 2
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Link Cable USB A adapter

Hi there, I would like to purchase an Oculus Quest link cable to connect my headset to my gaming laptop. My laptop doesn't have a USB type C port, it has USB 3 type A ports though.Is there an adaptor someone can recommend?Thanks in advance.

Quest 2 File Transfer Issue (Win 10)

I was following the instructions in the support article for transferring pictures/videos as my Quest was not showing up as a drive but could not complete them. The steps were as follows:Update your device driver:From your PC desktop, right click on T...

Half Life Alyx Virtual Desktop Issues

I finally got Virtual Desktop settings dialed in running well with my Quest 2. It runs great for Beat Saber, Superhot, and Boneworks, but the stuttering is horrible in Half Life Alyx on minimum settings. Alyx runs perfectly with max settings with my ...

Voice Commands dropping confirmation

This one is a little weird. Voice commands, or the shut down voice command, has been working since update 19 until the last couple days. Now I trigger the voice command, get the Listening prompt, say "shut down" or "turn off", and get the are you sur...

Calibration Send Error

I'm trying to set up the mixed reality. Everything was good up until i try to send the calbriation to the headset. It spins for a while and then I get the mentioned error (in the title). Iv'e treid 3 times. (ingorno my typos i'm pissed off with the w...

Oculus Quest 2 and a Facebook Account

Considering the fact that Facebook appears to have a socialistic agenda I find it difficult to support. Does that mean I can't purchase a Oculus Quest 2 as I already own a Rift and there is no support even for parts, I have a head band break where it...

Thin green line across screen

Switched on my Quest 2 today to find a thin green line going right across the middle of the screen...almost looks like a few lines of pixels have died..restarted the headset several times & done a factory reset but line remains..have opened a ticket ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Powerbank problem

Does anybody know, if the problem regarding the acceptance of external powerbanks really exists on a broad scale?Is it a problem which appeared right after update 23?Will the problem be solved soon?

Dead wifi/bluetooth until restart? (Quest 2)

Anyone else had this strange issue upon booting up their Quest 2 ?I powered on my headset and saw a popup that said Bluetooth keeps failing, ok.... Well the controller still works so I press to continue and reach the home screen. I then tried to open...

Oculus Link Resolution in SteamVR for Quest 2

I have followed the instructions in uploadvr.com/oculus-link-resolution-increase-odt/The public test channel has been enabledPixels Per Display Pixel Override has been set to 1.0Encode Resolution Width has been set to 2016Now when I starts Oculus Lin...

xglab by Level 2
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