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Adding a Headset to my account

I have a FB account with a Quest 2 headset linked. I bought my Grand daughter a headset for Christmas. I see that i can add a headset to my oculus account which by default will use my FB account. If I do this will the headset have its own ID, Meaning...

Sharm2 by Level 2
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Most comfortable Quest 2 face cover?

I've had experiences with both leather covers and silicone. I've found out the edges of the leather cover over time can start to dig into your face (it's never something you notice at the beginning of the play session). The silicon is much better in ...

aguy10 by Level 7
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i am from the UK and recently made the purchace for the headset Quest 2. i noticed that it said Subtotal £299 delivery and handling 0.00 but including Tax 20% 49.83 is that included in the 299 total or is that on top of the 299?

Elite Strap Battery no longer working - help?

Hi guys,sorry if this was posted before but I couldn't find any post with the search engine. I have the Quest 2 + Elite Strap Battery and both worked like a charm. However, since yesterday (might have been before but that's when I noticed) my battery...

Nekyar by Level 2
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Better FOV with 64 GB?

Hello! Some say that one only sees the edges of the screen on IPD 3 using the 256 GB model. How can that be? How can more memory have an impact on the FOV? Has anyone heard of that phenomenon?Thanx!

Oculus Link Quest vs Quest 2

From what I've understood link has become a great upgrade thanks to version 23 beta of the software, cause now you can increase encode bit rate (mbps) up to 500; so since Quest 1 should still be be stuck at 150 (according to some reviews that is the ...

Can't get 90 hertz with v23?

Hi I just updated. I have the quest two which I've connected to through usb3. I'm running a 1080 ti and and 6700k. Both are overclocked. Does anyone have any idea why it isn't allowing me to change the refresh rate. There's no option to but it does a...

Twitch/Youtube Chat

Hello everyone,I'm curious if there's a way to get twitch or youtube chat while livestreaming onto the Quest 2 as standalone? I know how to do it using Link. But I'm curious as to how I can't seem to find any solution to it when going standalone. I k...


Hi, I Want to Play custom songs in beatsaber, I Knie i have to create a Developer Account but it is Impossible for me, they say I have to verify with a kreditcard number, I do Not have any, my payment methode ist PayPal and also my mobilenumber is kn...

Xbox controller issues

After struggling for a couple of days, I finally got the Xbox game pass and controller working on Oculus Quest! However, my controller doesn't seem to be working quite right. Any ideas/tips? For instance, when I'm playing Minecraft Dungeon, my player...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest 2: 64 GB or 256 GB?

I know there is an equal question regarding the Oculus 1. But things are developing just like the complexity of games.I intend to purchase a Quest 2 which will run as a stand alone device. I do not have a PC, just a tablet. So everything will be inst...

FOV on IPD setting 3

I plan to purchase a Quest 2.I would have to set the IPD on 3, due that my IPD is at least 68mm, if not 70.Now, there are comments that say, that the disturbing "frame view" on setting 3 only appears on the 256 GB model, not on the 64 GB. I wonder ho...

Quest 2 "cloudy" Affected: The Manor

Hello, has anyone noticed while playing Affect the Manor with the Quest 2, that it is much hard to see through the hallways? It almost seems you're looking through a light fog or cloud. I switched between the original quest and the quest 2 and it is ...