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q2 where is the pc app

perhaps the most ridiculous question for quest 2 ever ask. why is it so hard to find support without the for sale sign! is there a download that is easily found?

VRSS & Link Resolution settings

Hi guys, I have a new Quest2 and am wondering how Nvidia VRSS (Variable rate super sampling), which super samples just the central core of your vision interacts with the Link's resolution setting?Does the Link resolution still need to be set above th...

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Applicazioni iniziali

Ciao sarei interessato al Quest 2 , vorrei sapere se in dotazione ha già qualche app per poterlo usare oppure inizialmente quali app è opportuno acquistare per poter conoscerne le potenzialità, anche quelle che esaltano gli effetti musicali. Grazie

Tidying up quest library

I have a decent Oculus rift library but sometimes I downloaded a demo or something that I would never look at again so I could RMB and click hide so as not to clutter up my library.I have a quest and downloaded the best saber demo. I then bought the ...

2FA not an option for Oculus Account

Per the Oculus Support page under Privacy and Security - How do I setup two-factor authentication for my account?https : //support.oculus.com/167473950508878/?locale=en_USI do not have the option for adding 2FA to my account here:https : //secure.ocu...


I just noticed this today, but does anyone get a weird blurry display in passthrough mode (Quest 2) when I look upwards toward the top of the display? For me, it's at the top and dead center. Not really in the FOV and only shows in passthrough mode. ...

Black screen in vr

When I open vr I only see black. My laptop says its connected. I tried restarting oculus andmy laptop. I unplugged the head set and all the cords. The vr works when connected to my brothers laptop. I have opened vr on this laptop but the audio didn't...

Oculus link cable

I have the rift set up I a very small area not really using the right space needed. It's tucked in the corner of the hall way. Thinking of buying the oculus quest 2 and a link cable so I can play in the room next door. Can forum members answer a few ...

Configuration pc pour oculus ling

Bonjour, je souhaite acheter un PC portable gaming HP Omen DC1053NF 15 pouces pour fair tourner mon oculus QUEST 1 avec link Spécifications techniques : -Processeur Intel Core I5 9300H 9ème génération-Carte graphique NVIDIA GeForce RTX2060-Mémoire RA...

J-ZET by Level 2
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Vrchat blurry on quest 2?

Hello!So I got the oculus quest 2, and once I got in vrchat, everything looks blurred. Not like, regular blurry, but almost like it's out of focus. Thing is, all my other games on it, such as beatsaber and Vader immortal, look sharp and clean.I got u...

Where can i get a specific part?

I recently lost my right controller plastic part where you cover the battery. (sorry i don't know how to explain it) but yeah i want to buy that part but i cant seem to find somewhere to buy it. Can someone help me or show me where to buy it?

Auto graphics settings in Link

I recently upgraded my GPU from an RX480 to a new 3070, and i was expecting to see the recommended graphics settings improve in the Link software, but it did not change.It still says the reccomended setting is 72 Hz and on auto it still gives me 1.0 ...

refund ?

I would like to buy a dash dash world game, but I'm afraid of Motion Sikness and there is no demo for this game. Do you think that it is possible to buy a game and get reimbursed after a certain delay!

Oculus quest three dots problem

hi,I purchased Oculus quest. I made the full installation. There is a situation different from instrucrions it does not ask installation code and passes that section automatically. I match the device, connect wifi it recognize pads, installation ends...

futku1 by Level 2
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Buying an Oculus Quest 2 from a friend

Hello guys,I already own an Oculus Quest 2 and I am using it with my facebook account and all it is good. A friend of mine unfortunately for personal reasons cannot use his Oculus Quest 2 anymore and he would like to sell it to me. His headset is lin...