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So is the chromecast the only device the quest will cast to? I have a firestick and an apple TV, can I cast to that?

No way to cast to TV

Whenever I open the Oculus app during gameplay - the only `Cast To` option is always just `This Phone`.I've got a Sony Android TV with Chromecast built in, so I was expecting to be able to cast gameplay to the TV.Anyone else experienced this ?

Best products/method to clean headsets?

What’s the best type of product/method to use to keep the headset foam, strap and exterior clean? The Oculus guide recommends ‘anti-bacterial wipes’, but there are several types of antibacterial wipes you can get. I have bathroom cleaning wipes which...

3DOF mode

I'm very happy with my new Oculus Quest in playing wireless games. But i'm often using my Oculus GO for waching movies, surfing web or desktopstreaming and the quest would do this much more better beacause of better display, but unfortunatelly it is ...

N3XT75 by Level 3
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oculus quest support

Hi has anyone heard from oculus support with an actually solution to the controllers hanging up after a few minutes or a fix. I’ve reached out have gotten no response for days now. I can’t bring quest back. Also got it on Amazon and it’s sold out. Th...

onyx213 by Level 3
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Download control

I just got my quest today. Haven't had a chance to use it yet because my Internet isn't great so it's spent over 2 hours downloading a single game. I want to pause that update and install Beatsaber instead but there's no option. The only think I can ...

Bwadejs by Level 2
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Oculus Quest - Bad Batch

I have noticed on the forums there are threads about the Quest having charging issues. It does not look to be a global issue but I was in the minority of having the charging issue as well. I believe there is a bad batch of Quests out there being sold...

rawkstar by Level 3
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Racket Fury - a slight problem

I really love Racket Fury but I have a slight problem with it and wondered if anyone else gets the same or has a solution.I’m right handed and find that when I play a backhand shot of the left side, the bat disappears and I lose the the shot. I know ...

Oculus Quest malfunctioning

I received my Oculus Quest on May 23 and it loses tracking constantly and if it isn’t forgetting its position then the games are crashing every 10 minutes, especially Robo Recall.

UserC2 by Level 2
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Won't stay charging while in use

I've been having trouble charging my quest while in use Il plug it in and it will show that it's charging but if i play for 5-10min then check the battery it doesn't show that it's charging ive tried multiple different cables, 2 different battery ban...

Quest didn't charge 100% over night

I put my Quest to charge over night. Next morning it was only charged 78% and when i looked in the headset there was like yellow and green text. Like som kind of recovery menu or something. And suddently it restarted and was fine. Now it's charging f...

Oculus quest mic issues

I have a friend who has a quest and her mic is good while in party chat but for some reason it doesn't work when shes in vrchat, bigscreen, and rec room. is this a common issue and has anyone found a fix for it?

Xxblur by Level 3
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How do I cancel an Order?

So I bought the Oculus Quest on the Oculus website but seen there was a store near me that had one and got that one instead since Oculus Website was gunna send it in a much later day. I tried to cancel the order but it didn't wanna cancel. Is there a...

Using the Quest in Stationery mode

I’ve just been trying the Quest while sat up in bed. I selected stationary mode and get the option to change the default grid around me. The problem is that when in vr my head and hands are on the floor or ground. In one experience I’m in long grass ...

Wifi Issues

Anyone else having a problem with Wifi sticking? I am logged in to 5Ghz wifi and it's very fast....but after about 15 mins everything will lose internet ability....videos will stop and any games that require internet will get booted. The only fix is ...

Super Hot questions!

So I bought Super Hot the other day, and I'm loving the hell out of it! :smiley: I just got to the 'VR-office-within-VR' part of the game (yeah that was my best attempt at describing it! :blush: ), what is that area for except for the novelty of it? ...

Deadace by Level 4
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List of Issues Discovered

Hey,So I have been playing with the quest for 3 days straight now.I have noticed a few issues with it so far, wondering if anyone else had these issues and if someone else has a different issue than mine I would like to add it to the list here.1) Ran...

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