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Oculus Link!

Hello,I cannot connect through oculus link annýmore. When I push connect oculus link, my headset gets black, and bounce back again to the VR room. Very annoying...:( What shall I do???

DaKa83 by Level 3
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Link stopped working

Is anyone having a problem accessing oculus link? I've been using it on my quest 2 for the last week with no problems. Tonight it just black screens or goes right back to the quest home screen. Tried resetting the quest and my computer to no avail. E...

crxefx by Level 5
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No game sales lately

So are Quest games ever going to go on sale again. I know the Quest 2 just came out and they're trying to maximize software sales. If something is too expensive personally I'll just hold off till it goes down in price. With no software sales it just ...

Quest 2 laptop won't allow access to data

I'm trying to connect my Quest 2 to my laptop using the included usb c cable.When I open up SteamVR, and try to connect, it 'recommends' me to update my graphics drivers (it already is), and asks me to plug in my headset and I get the 'allow access t...

Controller Fails during update

Just got Quest 2 trying to setup and left controller keeps failing during update. contacted support they couldn't help so they say they will get back to me in 3-5 days.thats just Some BS. has anyone else had this issue with controllers updating and f...

Watch Dogs Legion on Quest 2

Hi,I have gotten a free digital copy of Watch Dogs Legion with my purchase of RTX-3080 and want to use my higher resolution Quest 2 headset to play to game. I believe using Virtual Desktop set to 90Hz would be the best solution (and setting Quest 2 t...

Deadaus by Level 5
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Oculus link: USB C 3.1, 3.1 gen 2 or 3.2?

I have an Asus Z170 pro Gaming and only noticed today that there's a USB C port at the back. I have no idea whether this is adequate for the Oculus Link and Oculus Quest 2. I did some research and can't find anything specific. Can someone enlighten m...

How to watch a 360 livestream on Quest 2 ?

Hi everyone,I really need some help here. The goal is to watch a 360 livestream that my friend will be setting up from another country.Before buying the quest 2, the idea was that he'd stream to his FB page and I will use FB 360 app to watch it. It d...

Alternate Mic

If i use a headset on the Oculus Quest 2, and that headset has a mic. Which mic am i using? The Oculus Quest 2's mic or the headset's mic. I've been getting complaints where my mic volume is too low. I was playing Pavlov VR with the Oculus Link. I us...

LouZy by Level 2
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Planned Obsolescence? (UPDATE BREAKS QUEST)

I've had my Quest for less than a year. My first unit bricked itself after updating and was replaced by Oculus.After the most recent update, my second unit's left OLED screen died (most likely due to it overheating, as the left fan stopped working).I...

ocuvox by Level 2
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Resolved! New to Vr (Vision quality)

Hi everyone, Im new to vr decided to go with the quest 2 Since connecting to a pc for power and better graphics is so easily done. Vr experience so far has been alright pretty fun. But im honestly wondering about the quality of what im seeing. Text i...