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Lines across the screen

I had multiple lines across the screen and they are all different colors it looked like a cctv monitor static and I was running it for hours so Idk if it was that or something else

Constant disconnecting

So I've had my quest 2 for quite some time and I've always been able to do oculus link just fine(mainly with beat saber) but as of recently, no matter what I get disconnected. I do use a third party cable but the same cable works fine for other peopl...

Quest 2 Link not working all the sudden..

I've had no problem before running my Quest 2 in Link mode, and i also use Virtual Desktop.. now all the sudden i cannot connect via link or air link, i get 3 . . .'s for like 20 seconds and it times out and goes back to the main quest 2 screen.. kee...

skwilla by Level 2
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Resolved! Adding 2nd Account to Quest 2

Hi there, My son had a Quest 2 for Xmas and all works fine. With the new update, I've tried to add my FB account. I've filled out my password, cleared 2FA and...... nothing. Just orange bubbles all around me. I've rebooted, no change. I can log in as...

Oculus Quest 2 LCD Screen Replacement

Hello,Sadly I realized that the sun just burnt my LCD screen. I have permanent yellowish spots on both lenses. Anyone knows the price to replace the LCD by Oculus ? It's not that much pertubing but I feel that I'm losing a bit of immersion in VR beca...

Quest 2 Casting

I’m trying to cast a Quest 2 to something, the smart TV doesn’t appear to be Chromecast or anything enabled so instead I’m trying to cast to the app on the iPad (running IOS14.7.1). The app says it’s connected to the headset with a green light but wh...

128 GB Quest 2 replacing 64 GB model on August 24

The rumours were true, Oculus is replacing the 64 GB Quest 2 with a 128 GB version for the same price. Both the 128 GB and 256 GB versions will also come with a silicon cover for the facial interface to alleviate the skin irritation problem. Twitter ...

nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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Quest 2 Safety or Performance issue

A friend received the below message from Best Buy when they tried to purchase the Oculus 2. I’ve also attached a screenshot of the exact message they received.  “Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the item listed below has notified us of a potential ...


Default Mirroring

When I try the headset, I have to use mirroring to see what the person playing is doing, but every time I am forced to wear the headset, enable mirroring, and then have the player wear the headset, and if mirroring for some reason does freezes, I am ...

moving in games

when i play games such as population one and rec room on my oculus quest 2 whenever I move using the thumbsticks my screen shrinks is this normal and if not how do i fix it.

Headset Corrupted

My headset has a black screen on startup. I have factory reset it. I can see the volume go up and down. If its powered down and plugged in I can see it charging. I can see the recenter indicator when I recenter it. And I can connect it to my phone an...

dev acc

I am trying to have a developer account and no matter how much I put my card it does not work and I get an error, and it is my real card, and when I use my phone I do not get the sms, I just want to use sidequest