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Support for low vision users.

Hello. I finally got my Quest 2 and it works really well.I have only 2 things I've run into so far.The first is what I figured. During the setup, the environment was a static sphere, like what you see in a 3d video.So, I could not lean in to read any...

Oculus link fried my motherboard

I hooked up my oculus quest to my pc and started to get usb power surge warnings. These warning were continuously popping up with the window notification sound going off like I received a millions texts. Then my pc shut off randomly and never turned ...

Oculus link cable

Hello can I use cabel (USB - C to USB - C) for Oculus link. I have in my notebook connector USB -C. It will be work? OR it must be (USB - C to USB -3). Thanks

Oculus Quest not charging/charging slowly

Hello.I have an Oculus Quest since a year and a half now, and it always had worked well. I was playing as usual two days ago when I had to interrupt my playing session without turning the headset off, thinking it was gonna turn off by itself. Which i...

peulza by Level 2
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Third party head strap with battery pack

Hi, I had ordered the elite strap with battery pack but as it is under review due to complaints from breakage my order has been put on hold. I'm reaching out to the community for third party alternatives as my gaming time is too short with the intern...

Play Local with same account

I now have a Quest and Quest2 and want to play local matches with my son, ProPutt Golf for example.Do I need to have separate Oculus accounts or Facebook accounts to make this work?Does it mean I have to purchase the app twice to do this?

huh, what?

why is a game on the oculus store two different prices.in the headset store its A46.99 and on the oculus software under store its A33.99.

mic not working in oculus link

ok so i get on link and my mic just doesnt work like on pavlov nobody can hear me i have a external mic on my headset and it doesnt work, i dont know how to set it up or choose it as my mic and i have done everything i can i have selected my headset ...