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Tracking Lost

Hi, My Oculus Quest which I bought last Friday has completely lost tracking. It won't pickup tracking at all, and if it does will do it for a min or so before it stops. I cannot get tracking to turn on at all at the momment. Just lost tracking error....

Wireless streaming from PC as primary usage

Developing 3d simulation for the construction industry, we are interested to extend into the VR immersive experience for design, remote management, training.Looking for headset the Quest seems to be an appealing solution, but we are using a specializ...

Technical support

Can anyone help, I have just purchased the oculus quest. Set up was easy enough and it works fine except when I try to play the epic rollercoaster or appolo 11 I dont get the feeling I'm on the ride theres no virtual reality. The ride and the graphic...

No good bowling games?

Seems like this should exist. My wife and myself used to love creating miis from everything from the Beatles and the big lebowski. Such a great simple game. Shocked nobody has one. I think it would work well. I'm quest.

Nothing is loading on the Quest!

Last night it started with the library not showing content.....looked online and read the Forums and saw that there is a server issue at Oculus...noted. This morning I tried firing it up again, and NOW the home environment doesn't load! It's just me ...


If you can add Minecraft to the Oculus Quest I'm pretty sure everyone will be playing it and sales will be booming. A lot of youtubers would of videos and kids love minecraft. So a quest one would be freaking awesome!

Oculus Link cable that works for me

I bought a cable off of Amazon from a company called PartyLink, (you'll have to do a search as I can't post links yet). It's working for me using the adapter to go from Type-C to Type-A USB 3.1 Gen 1.If you do an Amazon search for Oculus Link you'll ...

Games I purchase won't appear in my library

So I just got my Oculus Quest today and I tried to buy a few games to start my VR experiences with but for some reason the games I purchased won't appear in my library at all. When I go to the store page it shows them as if I didn't purchase them, if...

Jbzelli by Level 2
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Resolved! Library will not load to headset

Library will not load to headset. Library on the phone is loaded. Reset several times, both from headset and from app several times and tried different internet providers and different WiFi?

Won't download from store

At first after setup games were downloading onto the quest but now they won't. Not sure why. Not from the store my phone or from store on the quest itself. On the quest it trays but won't work. On my phone says quest not connected to internet. It is ...

Saving the Oculus Link Video Feed

Hi, does anyone know how to save the video feed be sent to the headset, as it seems counter productive to capture or record the footage with a seperate app, when Link is already producing a H265 encoded video stream, would be nice if this video strea...

I'm ten feet in the air in the oculus menu

I keep spawning ten feet in the air when I use my oculus link for the quest on the oculus app and I don't know how to reset my height. I've been looking on countless forums and have wasted 3 hours trying to troubleshoot this and its really getting on...

glfmoch by Level 2
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