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Deux oculus Quest 2 sur le même pc

Bonjour à tous. Mon nom est Michel et j’ai une question un peu spéciale. Je suis un adepte de simu automobile ( style Automobilista 2 ou Assetto corsa ) Ma question est la suivante...peut-on brancher deux casques oculus sur le même pc de façon à ce q...

My Link cable will not work

Hi i recently got the quest 2 and link cable except when i plugged them into my computer and into the headset after i plugged it in it worked i saw my discord and my computer screen and all of that but then i unplugged it and plugged it back in it it...

Sea4CC by Level 2
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Chromecast Mirroring

HelloWe have 4 Oculus Quest2 devices for development.I want to buy 4 "ChromeCast3" for mirroring using "ChromeCast3" for efficient development.(We do not use PCs, mobile phones, Smart TVs, etc. The only monitors we use are those with HDMI terminals.)...

Oculus Quest Lags in SteamVR titles only.

Hello! Around 7-8 months ago I got a Oculus Quest, and ever since it has run amazingly. For about the last 3 months I have been using Oculus Link to expand my field of available games, and yesterday SteamVR titles have been acting up. I can use any O...

Oculus quest 2 blurry in right lens

I have recently bought the quest 2 in about February. Lately, I have noticed part of the right lens on the headset has a slight blur, I've wiped the lenses, restarted my headset but still the blur stays. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Resolved! Unlock pattern trouble

I am having trouble getting in my account due to a unlock pattern I forgot and when I go to the app and go to devices I can’t do anything because it needs me to put in my pattern so I need to factory reset it or no what can I do?

Quest 2 cannot open store,library

Recently bought quest 2 second hand from a friend.Already finish set up and pair with my phone app.The wifi is fineBut, can't open library,store and browser in the headset. The only thing works is Facebook messenger.Can also cast the screen to my pho...


Quest 2 Left Controller Stop Working

Yesterday I was playing beat saber and all the sudden my left controller lost track and all i saw was a light flashing so I tried changing the batteries and did not work so I think it broke for some reason or it had a loose wire or maybe it was bangi...

Racket Fury issues

I updated racquet fury ping pong today on my oculus quest 2. Since then the game will not even open and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling I’ve also tried shutting off the oculus and nothing has worked. My friend who I was trying to play online...

Low recording frame rate cap

Hi all,I have the Quest 1 and recently all the recorded videos are only 22~24 fps, while my older videos are all at 35 fps.It happens to all apps, sideloaded and from storeI don't know when it started, but a it's visible change at some games like Bea...

Multiview setting frame rate drop

Hello we have a weird issue when using Oculus XR and UnityIf we switch from Multipass to MultiView then the frame rate drops in our appWe would expect it to increase as it's only drawing the screen once.Is this a known issue or are we missing a step?...