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Resolved! Oculus quest 2 goes to sleep in a few minutes

I'm trying to watch Amazon Prime Video on Oculus quest 2.But after a few minutes of watching the video, the screen goes black.After that, by pressing the power button, the screen turns on and the Video starts playing.Perhaps it seems that not moving ...

isingo by Level 3
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I was pairing my oculus to my computer but I accidentally unpaired my left controller and i can't pair it again i need help

Bought Quest 2, and i can't use it

I ordered Quest 2 for aliexpress from the official seller. Updated, but I can not use the product, because. I didn’t really use Facebook, I went to some old account, they asked me to confirm my identity, I uploaded my photo, and Facebook went for ver...


Bonjour,Pourriez vous me décrire vos sensations lorsque vous vivez une expérience sous quest 2 s'il vous plait ?C'est pour une étude.Merci pour vos retours.Pour vos retours : indiquer le type de jeux utilisés et votre âge.

Controllers Not Working

I haven’t touched my Oculus in a while and recently decided to hop on with a friend, come to find out that neither of my controllers are paired, much less turning on. I’ve tried replacing the batteries, soft resetting the headset, as well as trying t...

xDraVen by Level 2
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Tracking Sucks - I quit

I have never been more angry at a game/system in my life than the past few weeks. The tracking absolutely sucks. I can't play any rhythm games anymore. Beat Saber, Smash Drum. I hit things dead on and it just doesn't registered the hits. Some days tr...


Stupid!!!!!!Stop this! Everyone hates you now! Take the worthless merging extremely controlling offffffffffffffffffffffffffff!!! We hate it I will never purchase another oculus product ever!!!!! I've lost all access to my games I purchased since this...

My left controller

So i was trying to link my oculus and my computer on the app but then i removed the left controller as a device and now i can't put it back, does anyone know how to fix that?

Immersive VR Experience Sync

Can 2 or more people, each with an Oculus, enjoy the same immersive VR experience simultaneously by syncing the VR units in some way, without having to navigate to a VR experience and attempting to press "start" at the same time? For example, can 2 o...

How to enable handtracking 2.0 on Unity?

I've updated to the latest OVR Plugin, can't see anything new.Some of my apps heavily relies on quick handtracking and could really benefit from it. Also, is there a link for direct contact form for development support? Can't seem to find it either. ...


Does anyone know why when I buy games on oculus through an app on the phone, I can play them only the next day?

Quest 2 turning by itself?

Today,i was playing some games on my Quest 2,then i got bored and turned off my headset. About a minute later,i hear my controllers vibrating and the LED was white,which means that its turned on. What is going on with my headset and what it means?

Logon Issues

Just started my Oculus today, and while it's saying it's online, nothing is accessible - all my apps disappeared, I can't browse the store, I cant 'explore' or browse. IT looks like this problem happened in the past for others, basically the same iss...

Oculus link

I have the 3 dots issue where it’s just a black screen and the 3 loading dots forever after I click on enable for oculus link. I swear I have tried absolutely everything to fix this, and sometimes it has been fixed but the problem comes back like a w...

darfuka by Level 2
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Multiple headsets for one owner

I am going to start teaching VR. I want to buy multiple Quest 2 headsets to use in the class. Facebook only allows one account per person. How do I setup an account for each headset when I am allowed only one account?

Quest headset

Here we go again, the headsets elite strap has come apart from the plastic strap which is held on by two of the smallest screws ever ,so know this will have to be returned to the retailer.To be honest this was the worst product we have ever bought ma...

Bought games not showing up in library

I recently bought Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge on the oculus website but they aren't showing up in my library on the desktop app nor on my computer, the only place I can see it is in the orders tab on the website. Is there any way for me t...

oculus quest 2 64 gig is heating up

when i play my oculus quest 2 64 gig it over heat and i have to shut it off and i had to factory reset it a few times for it to start working again and it still doing this and making me upset and i cant use it and its burning my face after 2 mins of ...

My Facebook got hacked

So my Facebook got hacked and I can’t access it because they changed the email and I made a new account on the app and it has not transferred to my headset but if I put the new account to my headset will it delete all the games??