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i keep trying to use Netflix on my Oculus Quest and it’s doing nothing but buffering. Can anyone help please? I have a subscription to Netflix.

Audio distortion issue - right speaker

When using my Quest, the audio out of the right speaker becomes distorted; as if the sampling rate had become severely downgraded. The only fix appears to be a restart of the device. It happens randomly, even within a few minutes of use. I'm fairly c...

Charging issue on Quest

I have a charging issue in the headset, hopefully, it is a software issue, not hardware.LED is not light and unable to charge it while I plug USB into the headset.Sometimes it works well, sometimes is bad.https://youtu.be/w5o2-V_6agwI don't want to r...


Anyone know if we can use USB connection headsets with the quest like a Razer Nari Ultimate, I know we can use the aux cable but i'm not sure if we'd get the the rumble feature and THX. That would make the headset basic and not worth the money,

Oculus Quest buying 2

So I bought 2 units in hopes that my girls could play multiplayer with me but does that mean I have to buy the game twice to use on both plateforms or can I use the same account that I bought games with on both quest and still play as two different p...

Quest already a brick

My Quest after maybe 3 hours of use would not load the library or store. Following the quest troubleshooting on Occulus’ site they said to try a hard reset by holding the power button plus volume buttons - did this but instead of resetting it shut do...

Noticed A Couple of Things

Set up was a dream - well done. Yes, i do notice that the headset is heavier at the front.So, i'm playing through Vader and where you first use the lightsabre and the robot is opening the door i look down at the floor - the hexagons(?) and as i move ...

Face Foam Comfort

Loving the Quest so far but I am finding the material is quite abrasive on my forehead, leaving a red mark after 10 minutes or so. Aside from using a replacement foam, anyone have a suggestion to make it more comfortable?

Family use

yes, I’m crazy. I bought myself a quest and my wife one for anniversary and one for my teenager for graduation. What’s the best way to set up so we can share games but also play against each other in games like the table tennis game?

Scaling issue?

This was the first thing i noticed, but i thought i dialed in my IPD wrong.The controllers look tiny in VR, compared to the real ones.Also in games like Drop Dead distances and proportions seem wrong which gives me a hard time focusing on some elemen...

"Confirmed" games?

Last week I went through the entire lists of games "confirmed" for Quest's launch and games "rumored" to be coming to Quest. I'd made a list of about 8-10 games that I'd like to check out from the "confirmed" games list.However, last night when brows...

Bluetooth headphones!

So I was sideloading some apps on my Quest to improve usability and made an awesome discovery! If you install:https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fforum.xda-developers.com%2Fandroid%2Fapps-games%2Fapp-sideload-launcher-android-tv-t2914962%3Ff...

Early Quest Impression

Install was great, using the app was painless and easy. The Touch Controllers aren't quite as good as the CV1 touch to me but they're still Touch and still great. The main downside is they are a bit top heavy and want to roll anytime I open my hand w...

Quest Disassembly

Here is a rough tear-down of the quest looks like a 3648mah batteryhttps://medium.com/badvr/oculus-quest-headset-disassembly-2f404b004a3c

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Which games have impressed you so far?

I've only played demos so far as after purchasing the Quest, I have no money for games until payday. ?But here are my thoughts: (first time vr user) Beat Saber - I can see why all the gaming press have been raving about this, but it's not quite my cu...


Ok... so this is my first time ever having a vr headset (other than trying them out for a few minutes at a conference, etc) and I have to say the Quest is absolutely awesome!The setup went flawlessly. I went through the "first steps" tutorial and tri...

Home screen clicking noise

It's a minor annoyance but if any devs are reading this can we please have option to turn off the click noise in the home menus when something is highlighted?! It's so annoying after a while