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Can it get any harder to gift a game?

I just realized this is kind of an issue when I tried to get a friend a copy of a game. I couldn't find an option for it so I searched online to see how others are doing it and they've been using paypal/Venmo to send money to each other. This seems t...

xmelox by Level 2
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USB cable support

Hello!I would like to buy a new cable for the Oculus Quest. But there are many to choose. You have the standard 3.0, 3.1 gen 1 and 3.1 gen 2. What kind of connection does the Oculus have? I want to transfer data as fast as possible but buying a 3.1 g...


Just set up Altspace on my quest having had it on my go first. When I move it come in grey so restricts my view. I know it’s simple to change as I did it on the go but I can’t remember how I did it lol

Tool bar glitch

I remember being the oculus quest always a little glitchy but I haven’t played it in a month or so but recently I decided that I wanted to play it but when I put it on the toolbar kept glitching out most of the information wasn’t there and I couldn’t...

Updated Quest has low audio

Like some of you I had charging problems with my first Quest so FB sent me another one. I noticed that with the new headset the audio is super low. I can barely hear anything. There was a major update when I turned it on. Has anyone experienced low a...

J-Fly by Level 4
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Frozen on downloading updates

I left it running for a day, and it's still stuck on downloading updates (first updates before using the device). It's physically adjacent to the wifi router, and connected correctly, and it's still stuck on the same position on the download bar.My l...

Mixed Reality World Alignment

Hello,I am working on a mixed reality installation using an Oculus Quest with Unreal Engine. For now I've just used the teleporter from the standard VR blueprint from UE4 to align position and direction. However, I need the user to be able to simply ...

Why don't I need my reading glasses?

I mean... I'm glad that I don't. I'm just surprised.I'm 48, so (even though my distance vision is still really good) I can't read anything unless it's close to a full arm's length away from my face. Yet, despite the monitors being so close to my face...

7roy by Level 2
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Pinball fx2

I just saw that on August 15th, pinball fx 2 will be released for the quest. Fantastic news, I recommend to all those who have never tried it before trying it because it is a beautiful experience. I got it on psvr and I have the fx3 on xbox one, but ...

Paglioz by Level 4
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Dispatching date UK

So, I bought the Quest on Friday (Sept 6), and when buying it said it should be dispatching by today (Sept 9), however, after checking my account today it says the Quest wont be dispatched until next Friday (Sept 13), but hear me out, if I go back to...

Quest runs hot - and wont charge while playing.

Last night I was playing VRchat with a friendly group of guys, we were playing cards against humanity, after an hour went by or so all of the guys started plugging their headsets in to continue playing. I didn't plug my headset in right away because ...

m00f by Level 2
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