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Installing 7z files onto the Quest

How the bollox do I do this?I've extracted the 7z file on my laptop which creates a folder containing an exe file (an application) amongst others. I have SideQuest on my laptop but have no idea where to go from here. There's an option to install an a...

loll80 by Level 2
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Using Oculus Quest 2 while laying down

I am currently confined to bed and cannot easily sit up. Is there a way to watch movies and other content, especially 360 or 180 degree VR titles, when laying down flat (aka the center of focus would essentially be on my ceiling). I can do it with so...

Quest2 casting

Hi I've been having fun with my Quest2 but i have problems in terms of casting.It allows to stream to my cellphone via APP, and PC via airlink. The issue is when i try to Cast to a laptop that i use for mídia ir a android box setup. The laptop with 9...

In-Game Hands

I just got a quest 2 a week ago and I'm new with this all VR stuff. when I use the oculus link to play PC VR games like boneworks from steam i always see the oculus touch controllers even in the games where I should see my in-game hands instead. plea...

Floor height

Just turned my oculus quest 2.Went to play eleven table tennis and the table was to low. Reset the floor height with my controler and the table didn't lift up. Went into the setting on the game to do it manually and it let me lift it to the right hei...

Quest 2 business

Is there a way to switch to oculus platform for a quest 2 business vr? I don't want to use the headset for business anymore and would like to use the home edition software with all the apps like playstore and Netflix etc Can someone help me?

360 photos have black vertical line

Hi Community, This is my firs time posting in the forum so apologies in advance if I am not doing it properly! I am creating 360 photos using my mirrorless camera and stitching the photos on my PC. I export the photo with a 2:1 ratio, 5400x2700 pixel...

pqueroc by Level 2
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V31 Quest 2 Update Zip

Google DriveFacebook CDNSHA256: 628DD219526AD3D73BAF9B3A969C374C72D3E2F0BD864EA696195F4A741C826DMy Quest 2 was on V30, and judging from the size (216MB), you'll need to be at least on that version. This is to be sideloaded via adb (guide on Reddit). ...

Roomscale boundary

I'm using the Quest 2 and I have to redraw my roomscale boundary, but when I try to do this, the drawing tool refuses to stop. It just keeps drawing and therefore doesn't let me hit accept.I've already done a factory reset and updated everything.

Not connected to a wifi

Hello! I'm using oculus cv1 and a brand new gaming laptop with 3060 and ryzen under hood. Had multitude of problems with oculus link so i have decided to opt for virtual desktop. Laptop connected to a router using cat8 cable and oculus connected to t...


I just got my VR ready laptop, After the update, it says my laptop no longer meets the VR requirements. I made sure to buy a really good laptop, what is going on with this update?

Oculus Quest 2 & Bentley OpenBuildings

My office is looking to purchase a couple of Oculus Quest 2's for viewing our CAD models - mainly Bentley OpenBuildings, Bentley OpenRoads and Bentley MicroStation. We'd like to be able to take them to meetings & job sites to review models with custo...

Quest 2 Elite Strap Battery charging slow

I've just received the Elite Strap with Battery for the Quest 2 a couple of days ago and I noticed that it charges extremely slow compared to the headset. It takes about 7 hours to get a full charge (while having the headset already charged at 100%)....

Grenvil by Level 2
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Rec Room Code 3

I'm trying to log into my Rec Room Account and it will take about 3-5 mins and comes up saying failed to log in because of a Code 3. Apparently it can be because of a firewall. Does anyone know how to make an exception to remove it and the type of fi...