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Resolved! How do I get out of sideload?

I entered the boot menu earlier and I accidentally pressed this sideload thing, I have no clue on how to fix it and the oculus light thing is just a solid light purple. If you know how to fix it please inform me,

zexadz by Level 2
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Viewing SBS pictures ?

Hello, New Oculus Quest user.I searched this forum without finding any answer :How can I view SBS pictures (JPS or MPO extension) using my oculus Quest 2 ?My picture size : 3840x1080 Thanks in advance.

Didolou by Level 2
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Resolved! PC App won't install

I have more than enough space on my  drive yet it still says there is not enough space. I've tried putting it on my C: drive and moving it to  using "C:\Users\(Username]\Downloads\OculusSetup.exe /drive:D" but it says it can not find it.

Problems with my VR??

I just got back from a one week trip and got back on my headset; (it's an oculus quest) and many things were unable to load. My profile page wasn't loading and it only said "Unable to load, try again later." Many of the games I downloaded had transpa...

Quest stuck without menu options

I just updated my old quest; it's an original, not quest 2 and it had been sitting in a cabinet unused for a while so I clicked into system & update its software... I now am stuck without a menu bar & unable to do anything but look around at the dome...


Everytime I try to open a game it will not open at all or it will be open for a bit and then it puts me right back in the main hub. I tried to launch games on my phone but it says the game failed to launch. I don’t want to factory reset because I hav...

My game isn't downloading at all.

Today I bought cities: vr for thirty dollars, I've been trying to install it for the past two hours but nothing happened/changed. At first it was downloading then got stuck at 528 mb. Then I did it again but this time it got stuck at 214 mb. Now when...

Cooling fan malfunction

I keep receiving a error code for the cooling fan not functioning properly. It happens at least once everytime I use the Oculus and it is very disrupting esp. in between games. Error clearly says to contact support. Please help

B10110 by Level 2
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Resolved! oculus Home

how do i change my Entry Point Or Even Change It Back to Default? cause its Not Loading The Room Up Since i changed the location to somewhere else



I accidentally denied my computer the permission to communicate with my quest 2 when i had it connected via usb cable and now i get fatal errors on the pc app whenever i launch the link. I also get an error on the quest 2 itself saying it needs to re...


I have found out that the hand controllers are a bit slippery and I’m constantly trying to get a good grip when using them. I googled for grips and saw a few of them. Will I have to remove the grips when placing them on the docking charger ? Also loo...

Gorilla Tag

My son "stop" was going into a room in Gorilla Tag call Flag. Accidentally spelled **bleep** and was ban? What can we do to get back on?EHbigdaddy

Setting up controls for Alyx

I am trying to simply turn on continuous movement instead of instant turn. I see in the bindings I have continuous on when "USE AS JOYSTICK" but instant turn on "USE AS DPAD". How do I switch between the two? There are bindings for both and I cannot ...

Left controller analog stick drifting

Hello, I bought an Oculus Quest 2 not long ago, received it in the mail two weeks ago and I’m already starting to have really bad drifting problems, It will just drift downwards. I don’t want to go to the extent of pulling it apart due to the fact it...

OCCULUS LINK - Menu disappearance

- The computer does not detect the headset- I plug and unplug the USB-C at the computer [When I plug and unplug at the headset it does not work].- Normally what happens is that there is a message that asks if I want to activate Occulus Link, and then...

Transfer Apps From one Quest 2 to Another?

my son just discovered and purchased a quest 2 and i would like to transfer apps / games i have on my quest 2 (which i haven't used in over a year) to his new unit, i.e. remove the apps / games completely from my quest and have them install on his, i...

Unable to pair Oculus to Workrooms

Hello everyone, I am trying to pair my OQ2 headset to Workrooms. When I sign into workrooms on the OQ2 it gives me a code to enter into the web app. I am able to log into the workrooms web app, but I have no place to pair the headset. They say to go ...

TOFASU by Level 3
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