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PC requirements for oculus quest

With the new arrival of the oculus quest, I had to get my hands on it, but now I am wondering if my pc will be able to run the oculus link feature. Currently running a setup, with:CPU- i3-9100F CPU @ 3.60GHzMobo-H310M PRO-VDH PLUSRAM- 16GBGPU- RADEON...


So I have a question about the Quest 2. I am planning on buying it, etc. But I have an old just classic Oculus Rift. The headset itself is broken, but the lighthouse sensors are still perfectly fine. Will the lighthouse sensors be able to be used alo...

Facebook vs Europe - Oculus Situation Discuss

Not good news and Quest 2 is coming which needs Facebook account linking. What about Oculus then if Facebook will block all it's Europe users, will it still work EU area or not because users need Facebook account to use Quest 2? Wise move from FB wou...

VRDuude by Level 3
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NET Quest 2 and Link Cable

I wanna know if I can play in Quest2 without NET.Another thing, this "new" cable link looks like same specs of the older, this means we will lose some quality with our PCVR connection using Cable Link, right?I think USB are USB-C are the worst way to...

Oculus Link Issues

So I've been using Oculus Link a lot lately, and it's been working fine. My headset recently updated to the new hand-tracking version, and now Oculus Link has stopped working. My Oculus PC software is showing that my Quest is connected, and when I pl...

About the Link

I am a beginner for playing VR.i do not understand how Quest can connect to computer and play. games without any Link equipments , but Quest2 need to use Oculus Link. (after watching YouTube videos and confused)

Update All button for apps

I haven't used my Quest in a while and today I got it out. It updated to v20. I went to check my apps and saw several which had pending updates but I don't see an "update all" button. The only way I could find was to go into Details on each app and c...

Resolved! Oculus Link Cable Compatibility with Quest 2?

Hi Everyone, not sure if anyone can answer this here, but thought I would give it a whirl. I purchased the original Oculus Link cable for my Quest this past August. Does anyone know if it will work with the Quest 2, or if you have to get a new Quest ...

LinkRS by Level 2
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Screen sharing Oculus Quest in Zoom meeting

Does anyone know how to screen share what you see in your Oculus headset on Zoom in a way that is not extremely dark? I have figured out how to pair my iPhone with Oculus app to my laptop so my VR screen is visible on my laptop, and I have figure out...

Timo815 by Level 2
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