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Headset Corrupted

My headset has a black screen on startup. I have factory reset it. I can see the volume go up and down. If its powered down and plugged in I can see it charging. I can see the recenter indicator when I recenter it. And I can connect it to my phone an...

dev acc

I am trying to have a developer account and no matter how much I put my card it does not work and I get an error, and it is my real card, and when I use my phone I do not get the sms, I just want to use sidequest

Quest 2 not being recognised

I recently bought doom 3 and have tried to run it through a port on sidequest for my oculus quest 2. But when I am in file explorer it doesn’t seem to show up. When I open the control panel and look at the devices it shows the oculus quest 2 as an un...

Ghgy by Level 2
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Not being able to finish guardian

I'm having an issue on the Quest 2 when I try to setup a roomscale guardian. The controller is always drawing even when I'm not pressing the trigger or anything, and it won't allow me to completely finish setting up the guardian. I can't get past the...

Room scale broken

Whenever I try to make a room scale boundary the controllers always draw a boundary when I’m not even hitting the controllers but they work just fine in game and where the floor is that boundary is always to low. Is there anything I can do to fix it.

Why I won't buy another Oculus...

The lenses. Plain and simple. I haven't done research on other VR headsets, but I know that Oculus lenses have made VR a cloudy and dreary experience. I had my Oculus for two magical weeks but then I discovered the many wonderful exercise options. Th...


when i try to pair my oculus quest 2 to my PC through air link it keeps saying not connected and i cant launch it but im on the latest version

quest 2 tracking

so my quest 2 tacking just keeps turning off and not working even if i try to turn it on manually. i have restarted the headset like 20 times and nothing is changing even if i try to set up guardian which usually turns tracking on when its off. it ju...

u_q6c by Level 2
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Oculus quest 2 guardian

My oculus quest 2 will not allow me to create a guardian. Sometimes it will let me, then crashes and makes me do it again. Then sometimes won’t let me even make it. The guardian will also sometimes draw itself even when my finger isn’t on a trigger. ...

Vnil by Level 2
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Resolved! Elite strap warranty

My elite strap broke, NOT the belt/strap but the tightening -mechanic, so that every time I use it it gets unbalanced i.e. one side gets into the back case much more than the other. My question is does the warranty apply here? Thanks and sorry about ...

Kari991 by Level 2
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