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Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR - problem

HelloI have a problem with running "Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR" on an Acer laptop with i7-10750H configuration, 16GB ram, RTX 2060, Windows 11 - throws it to the desktop. All settings in virtual deskop, steam vr are set to default.On a second desk...

dokt122 by Level 2
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iPhone Notifications

It would be very nice if as a secondary account holder in an Oculus Quest 2 I would be able to get iPhone notifications. I just got off chat support and they said only primary account holders can turn on iPhone notifications at this time. Please cons...

Screen zoomed in, fisheye-type in oculus link

I bought my oculus quest 2 a few days ago and i started to suffer about a screen problem that i dont know if its a hardware or software problem. When i start my oculus link i can play normally, but after a few minutes my screen get zoomed in and the ...

Always allow this computer to connect.

This is a two answer question. However, you can only make once choice. I thought since "Allow" was already highlighted BLUE (i.e. it was most likely selected). I select "Don't ask me again" which does just that... and doesn't connect. How can you ans...

Marvel powers United VR

Marvel powers United vr needs to come back, I never actually got to play the game but watching gameplay made me jealous because I never got to play the game. I would love this game to come back on oculus quest 2 or Rift. Oculus please bring this game...

Update 41 colours ?

Just got Update 41 and not sure if its me, my headset or the Update but the colours do not seem to pop as they did and look a little blander in the environments and games ?Anyone else noticing anything similar.

Resolved! Windows 11

Windows 11 suggested compatibility, and yes, I wanted in on windows 11 and got it, thus I, got the dreaded black screen of iceland. Log of data [in simple terms]Booted up my oculus.The time comes, run it.Yep. iceland.I literally can count it as an ap...


External battery not recognize

I bought a nivrana external battery for my quest 2 and if my quest is dead and i plug in the external battery it does nothing same as if my quest is full and i have the external battery connected and my quest dies and external battery is still 80% it...

Thehads by Level 2
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Controller glitch

Randomly while playing a game on my quest 2, the right controller randomly started inputting the home/oculus button even though i wasnt pressing it, then when i exited the game, it was still happening but this time worse because now it was happening ...

VRChat not working even after reinstalling

So I've had this problem that, even after reinstalling it 3 WHOLE TIMES, It still crashes at the login screen. I've tried everything I could think of and No one online has the same problem or even a solution. It's a brand new headset not even a month...

Air link VS Wired link

Hi all. Only had my quest a few days. I've enabled Air Link and been playing Half Life: Alyx for about 7 hours or so this way - with no issues at all - as such. Also been playing Ragnarock (what a fun game!!) My question is though - would the game lo...

X99MYKE by Level 3
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video rotation

Hi im looking for a way to keep a non VR video staying in my focus on my quest 2, i dont really want to turn my head and have to refocus. is there anyway to keep it centered?

Controller not working

So recently I was playing a game and out of no where the left controller disconnected that’s weird I said am I went to put in another battery till evntuly I wouldn’t turn on I went through the setting up process and pairing controllers but it won’t w...

Problem with finding a new Touch Controller

Heya everyone, a few weeks ago my left touch controller for the oculus quest [1] broke, and i am having trouble finding a replacement, im from germany and nothing is availble, any one who has any idea on how to get a new controller?thanks!

Tilore by Level 2
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custom decoration in Oculus Home

Hi, I imported a custom model component into my private Home but now I can't grab it to move it and try to delete it. I even created new Home to see if it still persists and yes they do. Has anyone else run into this issue and know of a solution?

AltspaceVR crashes constantly on PC

I purchased a good mic so I could use it on Altspace for karaoke and open mic sessions but,whenever I use Airlink or usb cable, Altspace crashes, first sign is my hands blinking on and off, then there are no worlds or friends in the main menu. It wil...