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Any plans for more Oculus Go compatibility?

Seems like nothing has changed on that front. We got a bunch of (mostly second rate) Go app compatibility and were granted some Quest versions of previously purchased apps (which was nice) but nothing since then. Several months have passed, and this ...

ET3D by Level 4
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Suface Book 2&Oculus Quest,BUT...????!!!!

I own a Microsoft Surface Book 2 15 Inch,1060 Nvidia bla bla ..,and i got myself a brandnew Oculus Quest.I find out that Oculus just release a Beta for Oculus Link and so I went to the Local electronic markt and got myself all the USB 3.0 cable and a...


I have try serveral cables whit the same specs as the link or higher and also a thunderbolt 3 usb c, but the quest will not connect. Oculus says everytime that my usb port is a usb 2.0 but i have usb 3.1 gen 1 and 2.please help!

Boneworks / Oculus Link Debug Question

So i have a 1070ti - ryzen 5 and am using the given settings for oculus debug tool to boost my graphics while using link , this method works great for pavlov and stand out , but boneworks doesnt seem to have its graphhics improved at all ? why is thi...

dropbox con firmware 13?

salve,qualcuno con il nuovo firmware riesce ad accedere ai contenuti di dropbox? dropbox risulta connesso,trovo le cartelle presenti nel mio account ma aprendole il go mi dice "nessun contenuto multimediale presente"...qualche consiglio ?grazie

gpierob by Level 2
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Latency V13

So i got v13 on my headset. My PC software didn't update and i turned PTC on for v14. It didn't work first, i had to do some fixing through sound device manager as it was stated in other post. It worked. But latency became unplayable! It literally ju...

grove21 by Level 4
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Oculus Link

Hello. I would like to know. I bought the Oculus and thought that I could play through the Oculus link. But it turned out that my video card does not support. I have a graphics card GTX 1650. Will there be updates to support my video card?

BaniKoS by Level 2
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Guest View of Game

Sorry if this had been asked I'm sure it has probaly been covered. I am wondering if it's possible and how it is done for guests to view games as they are being played on oculus quest!

Passthrough picture is grainy

I just got my quest and have really been enjoying it. I've been watching some YouTube videos and noticed that my passthrough picture is very grainy compared to what I seen in the videos. is there a setting I'm missing. I have the latest update 13.0 i...

Pro-tip: Prepare to wait awhile for an RMA

My Quest had audio issues so I sent it back for a replacement. Has been sitting in their warehouse for almost two weeks now with no word on an ETA for replacement. They initially said a 3-5 day turnaround for RMAs. Reached out multiple times but appa...

Drop dead duel strike

This game is great fun, but there are a couple things I would like to discuss. The first is how I wish the developers would add more co-op games. There is only four and when you play it as much as my friends and myself do it tends to become boring. A...

2nd Quest just died

For christmas we went all out and got 3 of our familly members Quests. Well fast forward a month and 2 are now dead with the exact same symptoms. Unplug the quest after charging, get about 15min into playing some beat saber and it just shuts off with...

Adresse überprüfen

Ich kann kein Spiel kaufen!!!Bekomme immer die Meldung "Wir konnten die Steuern für deine Bestellung nicht berechnen. Bitte überprüfe deine Rechnungs- und Versandadresse und versuche es später nochmal."DAS PROBLEM IST! MAN KANN SOLCHE DATEN NIRGENDWO...

Vendur by Level 3
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