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Oculus Link with USB A

I am considering to order the Quest 2 for PCVR.But i am not sure that I have a compatible USB port for Oculus Link.My Motherboard: "ROG STRIX Z370-H GAMING" does not have a USB-C port.But it has a USB 3.1 gen 2.Is it supported?If yes what type of cab...

impossible d'installer oculus sur PC

Bonjour,je tente depuis ce matin d'installer oculus sur PC mais impossible, il me dise a chaque foi a la toute fin de l'installation qu'un problème a eux lieux et que je doit redémarré mon ordinateur Une personne pourrais m'aider s'il vous plait

Go apps on quest 2

are we able to play the go games which were compatible with quest 1 on quest 2? i am struggling to see them in any menu but would love to play darknet.

lmacky by Level 2
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Being Charged thru Oculus

This mostly a rant by a noob so please bear that in mind. I preordered the Quest 2 on the 6th of October and got an email confirmation the same night. It is out as of today, yet my order status still says "open" and I haven't been charged on my debit...

Ping configuration

hello 1 time running quest 2 , i keep the configuration but i never gave an oportunity to set up this Oculus ping so, now i want to buy something but i cant.Any idea ?thz

Quest 2 Headphone suggestions

So I just ordered some headphones on Amazon Prime Day, intending to use them on my Quest 2. However I then noticed that the impedance is quite high (50 ohms)... I know.. should have checked the details first! Is this going to be too high and not prod...

Amazon Pre-Order Thread

I pre-ordered the Quest 2 on 9/17/20 (the day after Facebook announcement). I received an email today that my Quest is expected to be delivered on 10/15/2020. I also ordered the fit kit and the battery strap with case. I don’t have delivery dates for...

Games from Oculus pc Store from Oculus headset

Hi i have a huge question:I have BeatSaber on my steam account, i linked oculus pc software.Now i have the Quest 2 and i cant play BS cause he say to me "buy it" but i already have it !What can i do ?p.s. I have 1 account linked for SteamVR, oculus p...

Bonve by Level 2
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Unlimited space VR ?

I live near a massive beach, that is it takes 10-15 mins to get to the sea once on the sand , so i have a huge, safe flat space to work with. I am after a game / experience to utilize this space ! That is.i want to actually walk/run in the vr environ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Vr With Laptop

Hi, I have a MSI Gaming Laptop. (i have a rtx 2060)I am wanting to get a Vr headset for this, but i search for one compatible with laptop and it just says, "Searching for Vr ready Laptops." I was wondering if this is compatible with my laptop, Do i n...

logitech G-Pro headphones

Hello im a new quest user I got my quest 2 early from best buy over the weekend ( couldnt get it set up though until late sunday when I got update applied) and my question is when I use the new for quest 2 logitech G-pro headphones does it automatica...

Elite Dangerous

So im just hoping someone will have some information for me in advance of getting my Quest 2.Elite Dangerous, is available in the Rift store.I have this game on both PC and Xbox already.Because the game is not cross platform, I have 2 separate accoun...