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Oculus Air Link

Last night I was playing a SnG (on Pokerstars VR) and somebody mentioned that you can use Airlink and some type of service that allows you to use airlink without a spec ready PC, something about a service that costs 10 bucks a month. I should have wr...

Renoite by Level 2
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Rest mode game updates

If I put my oculus in rest mode by pressing the power button once does it do updates for my games as when I look online it only mentions updates for the oculus system so I don’t know.

The camera shifted-

So I was using my oculus quest 2 and was playing vrchat. Someone said something so funny I was bent over laughing but when I stood back up my headset went flying to the ground behind me and even though it was carpet it hit pretty hard. After close ex...

Sin stock

Hello everybody! I've been interested in the 64GB oculus quest 2 for a few days. Does anyone know when there will be stock in Spain again? Thanks!

Playing with 2 Oculus Quests

I have our first Oculus Quest set up and we've used it over the past year and a half. We bought a second so that both of our daughters could play together. That one we just set up an Oculus account for. The second one has the developer option to add ...

annajin by Level 2
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Oculus PC App installation

I've been trying to install the Oculus app on my computer for the past few hours, but on a different drive (not the C: drive). I've tried to do what they said on this support page:https://support.oculus.com/articles/getting-started/getting-started-wi...

Does this replace the original foam face cover?

VR COVER FACIAL INTERFACE & FOAM REPLACEMENT SET FOR QUEST 2it’s listed as this on the oculus site I bought one that I thought would replace the entire thing off of Amazon it just covered the foam, my foam is bad shape from sweating during thrill of ...

izbo10 by Level 2
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HDMI Input to a Quest 2

I currently use an external monitor with several still and video cameras as well as two DJI drones. I connect all these via their HDMI output ports. How do I replace the external monitor with a Quest 2 headset? The input to the Quest 2 is a USB-C por...

Keep losing tracking since v30 update

Hi, Hopefully there's a fix for this, I keep losing hand tracking while in home or a game using the Q2. I've tried switching frequency's but to no avail. Restarted, Powered down then up, but i keep losing the tracking. For example if your in home the...

Wi-fi "Connect, no internet"

Hi Community! i'm new on Oculus Quest 2, i buy it the last year (2020 Dic, 09) and from the last update i get a lot of problem with Wi-fi. Then i try to connect to the extender or the router, he gives me this: "Connected, no internet" when accutaly i...

Réinitialiser son Oculus

Bonjour,Actuellement je souhaite le donner à un ami. Et si je réinitialise mon compte, est ce que ça va supprimer les jeux ? J'aimerai que les jeux reste accessible pais sans mes données