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Gorilla Tag won't install

So I followed this tutorial to mod in extra cosmetics, and it didn't work so I clicked "restore app" and now when I install the game it finishes and just says "download" again. In the notifications it says "install failed" too. I spent money I'm the ...

Link with Dell XPS Laptop?

Hi! Looking into buying a new Dell XPS laptop (either the 15" or the 17"). They come with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 or 3060. Can anybody vouch for them working properly with Link (or AirLink) ? I know laptop GPUs can be hit or miss when it comes to Lin...

Oculus quest 2 PC app issue

When I launch the PC app and click library, there are no games. I have had an oculus for a little while now and I have quite a few games installed, I connected the right device to my PC, i am on the right account, and there are no filters on, What sh...

Right display don't have backlight

Hi , I've haven't been used quest 2 for a while.yesterday I've tried to play ,after charging devide I'm getting notification about fan not working correctly and right display is really dark ,I see what is there but it's look like it's no back light ,...

oculus link for Mac M1

Is it planned -in the pipeline to include the M1 Chip in the list of GPU's the Oculus Link works with?. Is there a work around in the mean time?FYI: Facts and knowledge from the Oculus team or someone who has had this problem and solved it are very a...

Can't access games

PROBLEM / ISSUEHave Quest (not Quest 2) - Turned on unit after a month or so of inactivity. Games / apps - can see in library; act like they're trying but they will not load in the headset. Says there is a "problem" but no error code. When I try to p...

Replacement controllers for both controllers

I there is physical and internal damage to both my controllers, the left one has the whole joystick broken off along with the cover for the internal spring and the right controller has part of the plastic broken due to I don’t even know what, before ...


If anyone is thinking about buying a new quest 2 vr you can gladly use https://www.oculus.com/referrals/link/TDKMAINEE/ and me and you both can receive $30 store credit!

PCVR Performance LINK CABLE ( QUEST 2 )

Hello I am playing TWD Saints and Sinners via Quest 2 ( bought on steam vr ), cable test score over 2 Gbps , but I strugle to find the performance I think are right for my system ( playing at 90 Hz no change to resolution ) , but I have tried anythin...

Brusura by Level 2
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Microstutter since V41

I and lots of others that use the native Quest app Supernatural have noticed micro-stutters after about 10 minutes. Initially I thought it was an issue with SN but they confirmed that it is a known issue and Meta were working on it. What is the statu...