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Quest and Social Apps

I'm trying to figure out the goals for the Quest in social apps. There will be VRchat and Bigscreen, but it looks like Altspace won't be available for months, and I don't know what the status is for vTime. The biggest surprise is that Rooms won't be ...

Steam games on oculus quest

Hello.Although I have no problem but I have a question.I bought some VR games on steam because it was cheaper there. But if I buy the Oclulus quest, could I play Steam's games there?have there Beat Saber, Job Sim, pavlov VR and Gun Club VR.Please giv...

Ideal playspace/shape

In the Tested Review, they say you can have a play area of about 15x15 feet and it's limited by area. I wonder if that means you can have a 17 foot diameter circlular guardian area instead (same area as 15x15). Because that would be awesome (if you h...

Lujho by Level 5
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6 DoF interaction with static 360 images?

Hey, All... Right now I am happy using my Oculus go with my Ricoh Theta V 360 images. The head tracking is great in the sense that I can look up down and all around to put myself right back in the room where I took the picture in.My question is, with...

Using quest on uneven play area

Do we know if quest tracking can account for uneven surfaces? My garden is maybe 50feet X 25 feet but has a slope of 4 foot over that distance.I imagine this would be a common use case has there been any official chat about whether guardian/tracking ...