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My concontrollers

Hello it's Jayden Hill i have two oculus controllers and they dont work like the batteries drains fast and it loses tracking fast and i was wondering if I could return this old controllers for new ones.

Oculus link not working

Ive been using link for the past 5 months and all of a sudden it just stopped working, i don't think its anything to do with the quest itself, i have 2 pcs one with an rx 5700xt and one with a gtx 1070 and both run vr fine, also i have 2 link cables ...


So my friend sent me a gift code and it popped up in my oculus notifications on my app and then when I tapped on it it just popped up the code immediately, and then I clicked redeem and when I tap on it it says it’s redeem but when I actually search ...

Night display not working on Q2 headset

The Night Display (blue light filter) function hasn't been working on my Quest 2 headset for the past few days. When I click it, the whole screen fades to dark (nearly black) but doesn't come back on in Night Display mode as it normally would. The sc...

Resolved! Beat Saber Oculus Link

ive been playing beat saber with oculus link for a bit but yester day it was working fine but to day i was playing beat saber and now i cant make any rank above S rank i uninstalled all my mods i reset steam vr i reinstalled steam vr and beat saber i...

MSI GF65 Thin oculus link cable not working

I just recieved the oculus link cable 7 hours ago but it hasn't done anything. Basically having an issue where my oculus link cable isn't connecting to my laptop? It will just charge the headset. Been messing with settings and graphics and yet no sig...

Quest 2 controller rechargeable battery type

After trying my rechargeable energizer 1.2 v, seemed ok but wasnt sure if was losing some tracking from lighting and software issues or from battery. After searching reddit and oculus threads, came across a few people that recommend enelop or enelop ...

Dantragg by Level 3
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Resolved! oculus link won't start

My oculus link has stopped working recently, I can't use the oculus link feature even though everything is working fine like it shows that my quest is connected on my computer and all that but when I try to start oculus link my screen goes black and ...

Quest 2 link via Thunderbolt

Hi all, it's been asked before but the bit in bold leads me to believe it should work... I have a Gigabyte Aero with a TB3 usb-c port. I bought a 3rd party 'fasgear' cable and assumed I could get link to work. The quest 2 shows up in device manager (...

Registering Quest 2

How do I register Quest 2 to my account? I want to request the free silicone interface, but I get the following message..."An Oculus device isn't registered to your account at the moment. Set up an Oculus headset to get started."The device is success...


VR AirHockey (Beta)https://sidequestvr.com/app/4709/airhockeyvr-physically-based-multiplayerAlready:physically based multiplayerOnline, for 2, 3 and 4 playersAI (scripted, angry and stupid  )In future:AI (based on neural networks)Various arena skins...

KoIIIeY by Level 2
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Resolved! Avoid mismatched software versions

Today, my Airlink broke again. It's been pretty stable recently so this was disappointing. My headset is still on v30 but my desktop app had updated to v32. Rolling desktop back to v30 has fixed the problem for me. Assuming one of the biggest tech co...

Resolved! Steam VR games running extremely badly.

As the title says any time I try to play a steam vr game it runs horribly, this issue only occurs with steam vr games and none others. The odd thing about it is steam vr runs perfectly smooth and the lag only occurs with the actual games. I had previ...

dryhiow by Level 3
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