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In need of friends for gamming

Hi guys i am a gamer who resently bought a quest 2 and had the quest go but never played games with anyone but know that i do want to nun of my own friends don’t own any vr head sets so looking for peeps to have vr game play with . As i am sure there...

Airlink and Oculus Link not

I'm still troubled. Won't connect to Airlink or Oculus link. V29 on both. All appropriate boxes checked. This message: Oculus link stopped working. When connected to the link cable, it shows up connected, but won't pass usb test. I've done everything...


when trying to open the files app in the oculus quest 2 apps it would open for 2 seconds and then close i got the hedset a only 5weeks ago please fix this

Rrinzy by Level 2
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Cloud Sync interruptions

New problem started over past 48 hours. When using the Quest 2 for oculus games I keep getting constantly interrupted by the unit trying to cloud sync. Sometimes its every 30 seconds, sometimes it happens 5 times in 10 seconds. It does not pause the ...


very frustrated that I have this fancy Oculus Quest and I can't play SIMPLE boardgames with friends. Not a fan of much co-op REC ROOMstyle games. I just want to sit, chat and play boardgames. The poker app gets it. But i'm not that into poker. boring...

Resolved! AMD 6700XT

Hello.I have a new graphics card for AMD RX6700XT.However, Oculus Quest 2 displays the system error message 'Computer does not meet the new minimum specification'.When will it be updated?

wowdongi by Level 3
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Quest 2 Link crashes GPU

When I test resolution settings on my Quest 2, until about a month ago there was lag and I knew to compromise and back off the resolution. Nowadays, when I push too hard, Link disconnects and my pc screen goes black, like my gpu has failed. I can sti...

kingtin by Level 3
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Something went wrong...

Every time I put on my quest 2 it says something has went wrong and it is unable to track, all I can do is click okay and use my headset without the tracking our Guardian even when I reboot it I have this problem this is a brand new headset and I jus...

Initial update stuck

I got my oculus quest 2 last night and I started to set it up and when it said your headset needs to update it just got stuck at 0 so I researched and it said make sure plugged and fully charged so I left it on the whole night fully charged and plugg...

At6132 by Level 2
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Oculus Link Problem

So I have the right specs to play link, but when I load up oculus software, it says I don't, and in oculus link gameplay, it keeps crashing and letting me in the game for a few seconds then, kicks me out.