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Quest 2 + Link cable always disconnecting !!!

Honnesty, im starting to be a little bit angry.I had a Rift S and decided to get Quest 2 with link cable (100 euros...no comment, im a bird....)My Quest + link cable 2 is on a USB C port.Im doing racing sim and i never can get an entire session.After...

lake100 by Level 2
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Manette Perdu.

Bonjour, J'ai perdu ma manette droite d'oculus quest 2 lors d'un déménagement. Or sur le site, il est marqué qu'elle ne sont plus en stock depuis un bon moment et je n'en trouve pas ailleurs. Y a t-il une autre solution pour mon problème ? Merci


I have owned a Oculus Quest 2 for a bit now and all of the sudden whenever i put it on and start playing it will constantly bring up the menu and then close it and when I'm in the menu it closes it than reopens it only to close it does anyone know wh...

Payment method

I want to make a purchase at oculus store and I can't. I go to payment method and try to enter my credit card info and my cards get rejected. Both cards I use are valid and have no problems using them elsewhere.

Any interactive flight sims for quest?

Hi, Ive been looking for a thing like Microsoft flight simulator but it runs directly on quest, does this exist or is it planned or is it just impossible? I saw a few games but I'm thinking like piloting a cessna or something in like a 3D ish map of ...

Stuck on pairing screen

I bought an Oculus Quest 2 on eBay and a right controller. I couldn't get past the pairing screen so I chatted with oculus support we tried everything so they told me to send my headset back to Oculus. I did, it took two months but they finally sent ...

Using Oculus on airplanes - audio issues

I preloaded some movies on my Quest 2 and tried to watch them on a recent flight. The video was terrifc but I couldn't hear the audio. I'm 75 and slightly hard of hearing to begin with. The aircraft noise totally made the audio track unusuable. Is th...

Resolved! Trouble with multiple Quest 2s

Alright, so the school i go to wants to buy about 13 Quest 2s. We currently have one. And they employed me to get some information about how this stuff works. I know a bit, i read some articles about how it works but i still dont know anything. So th...

View 3D Photos on Facebook

Earlier today, I was able to view 3D photos posted on Facebook on the Quest 2 with the option to go full screen with full depth.The browser updated, and now that option is no longer there. Is there a way to revert back to that facebook version, or a ...

Brand new Quest 2 graphics issue

Hi,I would like to preface this post by saying I am new to VR and fairly inexperienced with tech and computers in general.I purchased a new Quest 2 yesterday and upon set up, found everything to run smoothly, with clear and smooth visuals.I then left...

Gun Raiders

Ok, so on some of the guns there is an alt option, I’ve been playing for awhile and have always been able to do it and suddenly I can’t. I’ve asked around and still haven’t been able to. I don’t know who to fix it.

kgd5196 by Level 2
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Quest 2 unreliable for workouts?

I'm waiting for my 3rd Quest 2 to arrive this week (first one arrived half december)My first 2 broke within a week I noticed a few hours AFTER a workout that there were severe screen distortions (rasters and lines). This got worse over time - as I c...