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my oculus quest does not turn on

HelloI have an oculus quest which had dysfunction in tracking movements. sometimes the joysticks are unknown. I decided to reset the headset to solve the problem. after this reset, I configured the headset again. an automatic update has been made. No...

VRZOO by Level 2
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Dead on arrival?

HiI purchased a quest for my on and it arrived today. There is a white power light that come on when switched on, this does not change when the charger is connected to any other colour.There is absolutely nothing om the screen, no menus no logos, no ...

pb1001 by Level 2
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Oculus Quest Unity Increase render Scale

I can't seem to increase the rendering scale of my quest application.I'm using unity 2019.3.1f1 with URP 7.1.8 - FFR at 3 and MSAA at 4x.Using renderDoc no matter what I do, the "RTDevcesEyeTextureArray" is constantly at 1216x1344. I've tried setting...

Quest - Headset charging issues

So i have been having some issues charging the headset recently. Plug the unit in correctly, amber charging light is on, however the charging seems to be at a snail pace. In 18 hours the charge on the unit went from 2% to just 29%.Had not been having...

Oculus Link Resolution with v13

Just wanted to see what people are having luck with in terms of settings that work.NVidia RTX 2070+ or comparable GPUs - Curvature "Low", Encode Resolution "2912", Pixel Density "1.2"NVidia GTX 1070+ or comparable GPUs - Curvature "High", Encode Reso...

Deadaus by Level 5
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Link Virtual Desktop bad quality

Tried using the virtual desktop in link earlier but the quality is so bad no matter where I position it in the headset. Changing my desktop resolution doesn't help either. The Virtual Desktop app in the quest store has much better clarity but I feel ...

Link Nonsense?

All I have read recently is problems with oculus link not working for people. Makes me wonder... If you have a quality pc (minimum to recommended specs) have you tried virtual desktop or alvr? How has this compared? I've been using vd to run steam vr...

crxefx by Level 5
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Oculus quest weird rattling Noise.

Hello guys, like the title says, there is a rattling sound that happends when I point the headset downward. It stops when the fan stops so I'm pretty sure its the fan, and you have to listen closely to hear the crackle. Can anyone with the headset st...

Tracking wont work at all. - Fixed

When I turn The power text stays on top of the screen. The controllers don't even connect to it. The tracking is broken overall of which when you turn, it stays in that direction. Any fixes? I cleaned the tracking-cameras. - Fixed, you just need to r...

Beat Saber isn't working correctly

I bought Beat Saber today. It was working just fine, until I turned off to do something else. I turn it back on about 20-30 mins later, and the blocks are moving really jumpy. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and soft resetting my Oculus, nei...

Buying game question

I have a Rift S, but I am getting a Quest for my son to play.Can someone answer the following questions please.,1. How do you buy games... with my S I can open the app on my PC and purchase threw the store OR do it through the S. With the quest, sinc...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Link

Where is a good place to purchase the official Oculus Link? Many people are using 3rd party cables but i've heard too many horror stories and i'd rather just purchase the official product. What are some good retail stores to check out?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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