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I am frustrated. In the process of trying to fix my left hand controller, I followed all the steps online such as "Reboot to Factory Settings". Whatever you do-don't do this! It is now month number 2 and I am still dealing with a headset that does no...

Arizona Sunshine Glitches on Oculus

Over the last few weeks I have been having bad issues with AS freezing up, glitching, and placing my character in areas that I can’t get out of. I have cleared my guardians and history, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, cleaned my cameras, turned...

Tkdross by Level 2
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Missing apps

There used to be a Batman Lego app that my grandsons loved y to o watch. It’s not there now. Please help find it. I also used to watch an Ellen video of gorillas. It is gone too. These videos were entertainment only. No interaction

Pattern and pairing issue

My Quest 2 is stuck on a screen asking me to unlock with a pattern.I have clicked forgotten pattern and it prompts me to go to the app.The app is asking me do do the same thing.The app is not finding my headset.When I try to pair it is asking me for ...

Resolved! Low battery notification?

Is there supposed to be any sort of low battery warning or indicator other than opening the home menu? bc mine just seems to let the battery run down until it powers down. Would be a nice feature if only so i didn't feel the need to have it plugged i...

Pairing: Next Step

I am experiencing pairing problem as well, I initially had a power problem because my Oculus 2 would only charge to 50%. They told me to send my headset in for a replacement. The replacement will not even pair or recognize controllers, telling you th...

CEBProf by Level 3
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Air Link cannot find PC

Imma keep this as short as possible.I got a new 5GHz / 2.4GHz router so I could use Oculus Air Link without it stuttering every five seconds (my previous router only had 2.4GHz). When I try connect to my PC it just says "searching for device" but can...

Clurtyx by Level 2
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Kodi on Oculus Quest 2 for VR 180 videos

Hi all. I have been trying to get Kodi working on my Oculus Quest 2 in order to play VR 180 videos. I have a lot of videos in this format on my NAS and would like to use Kodi because of its metadata capabilities. I was able to sideload Kodi for Andro...


I tried to go into Rec room But when I got in it Said ‘You do not have permission to play this game’ So I tried to uninstall it then reinstall it but when I did it’s still there and wont let me in Completely please hell I’m begging at this point.

Quest 2 not connecting to Meta Quest App

I have had the Meta Quest 2 for 3 days now and have not been able to use it because of some connecting issue. Me and many others are very mad that we cannot use our Quest 2, its not just the Quest 2 with this problem its the OG Quest to from what I h...

Air link control

My air link is connecting to both monitors but i cant control them using my controlls. I have to use my keybord and stuff still. But it dows show up on my Oculus, I can see everything happening just cant control.

Link cable not charging Quest 2?

Recently purchased a Quest 2 plus the genuine Oculus PC link cable. Very happy with the Quest 2, and what a fantastic upgrade from my old Rift CV1, which I managed to sell. Love the standalone feature. From others I have spoken to, the Oculus link ca...

Resolved! Restricted Games

I've gone to buy Superhot and many different games but aren't allowed to be purchased. Keep in mind Superhot is rated M (Australian ratings) which is the equivalent of PG-13 in the US and I can't buy it at the age of 14 which both my parents and I fi...


Are Meta/Oculus ever going to bring the PCVR link GUI into this century? It looks so outdated and cumbersome compared to the native Quest 2 interface. Considering how great Virtual Desktop looks effectively doing the same job, they really need to ref...

Resolved! Oculus Quest 2 suddenly not connecting

I’ve been playing on my Oculus Quest 2 for about a month with no issues. I’m completely signed up and have even paid for and downloaded a few games. Suddenly today when I turned it on, it wants me to sign in with my Facebook information. I thought th...

Solved: 4 Quest 2 in same room

I checked a lot of information, I think it is possible in theory, I want to confirm whether the following is feasible1. Would you like to ask if a room of 15Mx6M can use 4 sets of Quest 2?2. Will using PCVR with WiFi6 to stream the Quest 2 wireless s...


I think all users that can't pair with a refurbished headset should get together and start a class lawsuit!!!! I'm tired and fed up with the excuses we should be sent new headsets!! What's everyone's thoughts?? I already called consumer affairs and f...

QtCw by Level 2
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AirLink got blurry sometime

I have a rtx 3070 and a wifi6 router at 1 meter with VD and ALVR and oculus link everything work perfectly fine but with air link i got masive quality drop like all become blurry so i try to disable dynamic bitrate and instead of become blurry ( like...