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USB Cable not Recognized By Oculus Link?

Having problems with USB Link on your Quest 2? So was I and Oculus support was useless. As always, Reddit found the solution. Make sure Air Link is disabled in both your headset and PC Oculus app and then try it. If everything else is configured OK, ...

Link back to failing

After the V28 update things were back to working well for me. Decided to adjust the supersampling options so I can get a bit more out of iracing and bam link started misbehaving again. Rolled back the changes and it’s still happening. Took the PC app...

Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable not connected

I have a very annoying problems. I was able to connect the cable from my quest 2 to the pc and I would hear the connection sound from my pc as well. That I know it is connected. In the vr, the messages, "allow to access to data" and I click deny as d...

QPilot by Level 3
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Resolved! Problems turning ON the Oculus

My girlfriend and I both have the Quest 2. We love the system. Hers is the basic unit. Mine has the extended battery pack and heavier head covering. Hers turns ON just fine.... hit the side ON button and it comes on. When I touch my ON button, I imme...


I have 2 Facebook accounts. For some reason my Oculus 2 won’t let me pair with the Facebook account of my choice. And the app only signs into the other account. How can I have my headset and app on the same account??

Acheivements on the Quest - where are they?

According to the latest Beat Saber update there are supposed to be game acheivements to accomplish. This poses two questions.1. Where are game acheivements listed...In the mobile phone app? I can't find any.or are they in the Quest home app? I can't ...

JohanTEA by Level 5
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Right control menu not working

I bought my oculus is about a week ago and I’m now noticing that my menu button does not react when I’m in game the controller is functioning properly but it’s only when I’m playing a game it will not allow me to go to the menu of the game everything...

Resolved! list of properties we can change from adb?

I frequently see people reference adb commands like "adb shell setprop debug.oculus.textureWidth" but whenever I try to google a comprehensive list of similiar commands I get nowhere. Any idea where I could find them? Or at least how I might view the...

Thumb stick drift to the left.

About a month ago I was in Rec Room having fun with my friends. I was having fun and realized my controllers were making me move uncontrollably. At first I thought it was the game. But now I know it’s my controller. I’m not sure how to solve the prob...

Black screen oculus quest 2

Hi, I recently purchase my vr and it was working fine when I was setting it up. After I set it up I put it down but didn’t turn it off and after couple of hours the screen is just black and I don’t know how to fix it. Any help will greatly appreciate...

jancoky by Level 2
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Stuck on Logo Screen

So was playing beat saber and my quest 2 crashed. When it can back on there was a square with an arrow in the center and a green progress bar. I assumed this meant it was downloading an update. But when that finished all a go0t was the Oculus logo on...