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Place to access pc games bugged

I got my oculus quest 2 today and the game I downloaded on it was working fine. However when trying to use steamvr and the pc side of the oculus it was bugging really bad. I was connected with a USB 2.0 to USB c and was wondering if that caused a pro...

Bluetooth pairing of gamepad with ver38 SW

In latest SW, ver38, all Bluetooth pairing moved from Experimental features to "real" features.When bluetooth pairing an external unit, it can behave in two different ways:it is sometimes shown as a new device but without the “Input device” feature. ...

GaimItg by Level 2
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Locked out of quest 2

I have been locked out of my oculus quest 2 headset because whenever I try to sign in to my account when prompted by using my Facebook account it tells me that my account is unavailable and to use the app, and when I go to the app and accept the devi...

Resolved! Refund money

So I got a confirmation that my refund was successful but it's been about a day and I still have not gotten my money back, what do I do

Resolved! sent me a broken refurbished unit

After waiting over 6 weeks to get a replacement oculus because their update bricked it. They send me a crappy refurbished one that was slow, glitchy, and froze often. Well the screen developed lines for a few hours and now they won't turn on. Just a ...

Resolved! Horizon World acces

I download Horizon World and i create my avatar etc... When I select a worls like visitors the system load during 5 minutes and i got back to the menu with a message '' you can't be able to travel'' somebody know why ?? Thanks

Oculus not detecting head movement on PC

Just purchased Oculus Quest 2. Works perfectly as a stand alone. However, on my PC when using with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, I can fly in VR, but the mask is not detecting my head movement. I am using the Oculus Link Cable. I'm have a GTX 1080...

Controller Supply

I have been trying to purchase a replacement controller for my oculus and I am seeing that they're out of stock everywhere! What I am finding is people selling them for the price of what new oculus would cost. This is disappointing, as this is a new ...

Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister

Hi guys, I am thinking of buying Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister, but I always get very sick of games that don't have teleports, yet this game is categorized as comfortable. Can anyone tell me if the game is good and how is the gameplay?Thanks


I'm having a problem where I can't change my name it's been more than six months and I still can't change it. It still says I need to wait 6 months to change it. Can anyone help me ?

My oculus won’t load any menus

Hello, i haven’t played my oculus in about a week and when I got on today I immediately noticed my backdrop was wrong. I went to my account and it says that it can’t load right now and to try again later. The store says there’s nothing to see here. M...


I need help my oculus works just fine but it wont load into my profile and i dont know what to do it seems like it doesnt wanna load my profile i have a stable wifi and everything what do i do please help...!!!

Resolved! App sharing not listing shared games

Major problem and product malfunction. We have 2 Quest 2's in our household and I am the primary account on both headsets. We have been sharing games like "Settlers of Catan", "Acron", and "Robo Recall" to name a few. This has been a great feature fo...

iPOOHTED by Level 3
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Can't log in.

Oculus app will not let me log in. I put in my email, says it's merged with my Facebook, confirm that, says I need to put an email for receipts, I put in my email, it says the email is taken, cannot log in at all.

Kraknips by Level 2
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can't log in

I can't log in. I've reset my Facebook password, Oculus tells me it's the wrong email password combo and that the device is linked to another email account so to use that one. I only have one email. It threw me out of my mobile phone app. When I went...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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